The schoolgirl has created an app for early diagnosis of blindness in diabetic patients

The system is called Eyeagnosis and is already tested in the hospital of Indian Mumbai

Photo: pixabay.com

American schoolgirl, 16-year-old Kabi to Kopparapu, has developed a mobile app that is capable of diagnosing at an early stage of retinal damage.

About it writes Science Alert, reports hromadske.ua.

It is noted that the application Aktualno for diabetes, which can develop diabetic retinopathy, when blood vessels in the retina are damaged gradually.

The system is called Eyeagnosis. To train the neural network we used data of 34 thousand scans of the retina from the archives of the National Institute of health, USA. Some of them were of poor quality, and Kabi stresses that this is also important because it will allow the system to analyze even the pictures taken by the cameras of older smartphones.


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The first test of the new app have already been in the hospital in the Indian city of Mumbai, where the grandfather Kabhi Caparrapi.

“The app is going to need a huge amount of clinical data that would allow to make a conclusion about how Eyeagnosis reliable in different situations: in eye hospitals, rural clinics in the Outback of India,” said Fielding Hejtmancik from the National Institute of health, USA.

He added that the project has great potential, but a major disadvantage can be its cheapness, because companies are looking for tools with higher yield.

Previously Kopparapu made in Washington, D.C., and presented a report about TEDx Eyeagnosis.

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