The Russian foreign Ministry believe that the “Kremlin report” is an attempt to influence the situation in Russia before elections

Ryabkov said that the “Kremlin report” in Russia are “philosophically”

Photo: EPA

Sanctions against Russia, prepared by the United States – attempt to influence Russia before the presidential election. Comments about this Agency TASS January 13, said Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov.

He said that the “Kremlin report” in Russia are “philosophically” and see it as an attempt to influence the “internal situation” in Russia.

According to Ryabkov, there is a question “about the mirror, asymmetric or any other” response to the sanctions.

Also, the diplomat said that the normalization and Moscow, and Washington, but these actions of the US she is moving away.

13 Dec 2017 U.S. Senator from the Republican party, Marco Rubio declared that the United States may impose sanctions against close to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s officials. “Kremlin report” to Congress must be submitted no later January 29.

One of the authors of recommendations on drawing up the sanctions list, a senior researcher at the Atlantic Council, economic analyst Anders Aslund has argued that the restrictive measures will affect the seven categories that are close to the President of the Russian businessmen and officials.

In the so-called Kremlin report will be included, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”, about 50 high-ranking Russian officials and businessmen close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of their families.

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