The rulers of our thoughts and weapons

The rulers of our thoughts and weapons

Jamming if the silencer?

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When our actors will understand that they should keep their mouth shut? For example, I liked the actress Jessica Chastain, playing a CIA analyst in Zero Dark Thirty Thriller (“number one” in the Russian hire), which focuses on the operation against Usamci bin Laden.

Actress Jessica Chastain

Like most American films, it was perfectly done. It was also good that our angered the liberals because it shows how the CIA was subjected to terrorist activities. and they helped him get bin Laden.

It was extremely politically incorrect, because we all know that torture is ineffective. There’s even the Pentagon chief General James Mattis, nicknamed “Mad Dog” told Trump that he will achieve much more if you give the interviewee beer and cigarettes.

Beer? Is a Muslim then?

I watched “number one” on the box five times and would watch even if Chastain did not wish to contribute to the debate about the weapons, which turned to us after a massacre in Las Vegas.

“Welcome to America – she wrote on October 4 in “Twitter” – where you will be 6 months wait for the x-ray, but can buy AR-15 for some five minutes.”

One of the two signatures on this nonsense reads like @MissSloaneMovie. This is “Miss Sloan” last year’s film against weapons, in which Chastain played the heroine. The film, of course, received positive reviews and, of course, failed, because, unlike film critics, the average viewer doesn’t really like obvious propaganda.

Chastain signed tweet the title of his film in order to once again to advertise. It was nice of her, but the picture is not saved.

“The fool!” I thought, after reading her tweet. Actress 40 years, so she probably never went to an x-ray. At least in America. And hardly bought a gun.

She was satirized on Twitter, noting, for example, that “in-hour Urgent Care you will do the x-ray in 20 minutes.” I did a Google and found out that we are talking about common clinics. It would be possible to do without “Google”.

“Who is waiting for x-ray 6 months?! wrote another citizen. – And where you can legally purchase AR-15 in 5 minutes?!”. It, by the way, is extremely popular semi-automatic rifle, which is now more likely to hate our prohibitive weapons.

“My mother receives Medicare – wrote the third, referring to the health insurance for the elderly. – She was x-rayed after 15 minutes after it’s prescribed by her doctor. In ten minutes she was free.”

“Hey, Chastain! – wrote the fourth. – In the morning my eight-year-old went to x-ray. He was sent there in less than an hour before that.”

I don’t write in social networks, because I do not pay for it, but it would also scribbled actress and cited dozens of examples when I was x-rayed on the spot.

On the other hand, maybe Chastain goes to the doctors in England or in Canada. But it could take a few minutes to purchase a AR-15, it’s a mystery to me.

My interest quickly petered out. But she would never know.

Now I’m waiting for their statement about guns will tell Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

These weighty words begin to sound after every tragedy. They’d be more convincing if the rulers of our thoughts knew what they were saying. But usually they don’t know anything about guns, and do not attempt to learn.

A well-known gunsmith Hillary Clinton said after Las Vegas: “Imagine the number of deaths, if the shooter had a silencer, which tries to alleviate the national rifle Association!”.

Democratic Senator Tim Kane who was running with her for Vice-President, said in an interview with the Washington post that the shooter “was stopped only because his gun had no silencer. And the sound attracted the attention of the people to the place where it eventually stopped. You can imagine what would have happened if he had trunks on these mufflers?!”.

Answer: they can. Nothing would have happened. In addition, it was.

Silly had seen the movie and I think that silencers completely drowned out the shooting. Not really clean, but only very partially, so that the presence Glushak, as expressed by Russian gangsters in America, in Las Vegas would not have changed. NSA is pleased with them “suppressors” because they are less stun arrow.

The average muffler reduces the sound of firing at 30 decibels. If they were equipped with AR-15 Stephen Paddock, they still would produce noise equivalent to 132 dB. This is the volume of a jackhammer.

Silent gun with a silencer only works in the movies.

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