On 5 December, the militants handed over the body of military to the Ukrainian side

Photo: EPA (archive)

The Prosecutor’s office of Luhansk region opened criminal proceedings on the fact of bombardment on 29 November, militants of the “LPR” positions of the Ukrainian Armed forces near the village of Crimea, which killed the soldiers of the 10th independent mountain assault brigade Sergey Prodaniuk, is spoken in the message of regional Prosecutor’s office.

The production opened under part 3 of article 258 (terrorism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Investigation is on control of the management of Prosecutor’s office of area.

“Thanks to the efforts of members of the “Union of Afghan veterans Luhansk (soldiers-internationalists)” 05 December 2018 the dead body of a soldier transferred to the search group “the Evacuation of 200″ of Department of search of work of the office of civil-military cooperation of the Armed forces of Ukraine”, – added in Prosecutor’s office.

Soldiers of the 10th independent mountain assault brigade Prodaniuk had been missing after clashes, held on November 29 in the Crimea. On 5 December, the militants gave his body to the Ukrainian side.

In April 2014, in the East of Ukraine began the armed conflict. Fighting underway between the Armed forces of Ukraine and Pro-Russian rebels who control part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.