The President of Singapore became the first woman

The new President of Singapore became Halima Jacob, which until recently was the speaker of Parliament. This was announced on Wednesday by the Chairman of the electoral Commission of EN Wai Chun after checking all the staff documents.

Photo: Reuters

Thus 63-year-old Jakob became the first woman President of the country and the first in 47 years a representative of the Malay community to occupy this post.

In addition to the ex-speaker, originally to participate in the elections planned four candidates for the highest public office, but the two candidates were rejected at the first stage of submitting documents because they were not natives of the Malay community. According to the adopted in November of last year the decree, participation in the current campaign could only accept the Malays. In addition, in Singapore, there are two communities — Chinese and Indians, representatives of which also occupy various high positions .

The two other candidates withdrew from the race September 11, when failed to receive a certificate for the right to be elected. According to the rules, candidates for the presidential position must have behind them the experience of public service or to lead the company, the capitalization of more than 500 million Singapore dollars (371 million U.S. dollars). Adopted in June of this year the amendment was consistent with only the candidacy of Jacob.

In the end, the only candidate for President was former speaker. In such a situation, according to the local legislation presidential elections are not held and the candidate is automatically declared the President.

At the same time, the power of the President in Singapore is limited, and the country is actually ruled by a Prime Minister. The head of state can use its veto when considering draft budget, appointments to government for pardon convicted criminals, and is the custodian of foreign exchange reserves. Government decisions are rarely challenged, and the main role of the President in Singapore for consideration of petitions for clemency from prisoners sentenced to death.

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