The President, Congress and campaign promises

The President, Congress and campaign promises


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Congress returned to work after the summer holidays. Strictly speaking, neither one nor the other house on holiday never left: every three days the presiding judge pounded in an empty room with a hammer, announced a plenary meeting open and immediately closed it with a new knock.

This procedure is a pro forma session, a formal meeting – there is in order not to give the President to make personnel decisions unilaterally, bypassing Congress. In this case there was the possibility of replacing the leadership of the Ministry of justice, which the President was not very happy.

Both chambers controlled by Republicans. The meeting forms for the sake of illustrate the state of relations of the President with the party, whose leader he is. They got corrupted after July 27, the Senate failed to fulfill one of the main election promises of the President to replace health insurance Obama insurance for Trump. Three Republicans provozovani against the bill along with 46 Democrats and two independent senators. John McCain for the occasion got up off the bed serious illness and provided a score of 51:49.

The President blamed the failure of the faction leader Mitch McConnell, although he had urged him, not paying attention to warnings. He regarded the failure as a “betrayal”. At all angles talking about his art to make deals Donald trump and didn’t want to hear that with the Congress we have to work, negotiate and make deals with each wavering legislator.

The President fumed and raged in his “Twitter”. For weeks he talked with the leaders of the chambers. Do not leave without attention to any single replica of legislators of the same party who dared to publicly contradict him. The most influential Senator Lindsey Graham, he wrote that he was “looking for popularity”. This is ridiculous. Lindsey Graham became a Senator well before the election trump and will remain it until he gets bored.

And ahead of the Congress, an ambitious agenda, as well as issues of urgency. One of them is the increasing limit of foreign borrowing. Candidate trump promised for eight years to repay US debt, which today is about 20 trillion dollars. But now he is calling on Congress to raise the ceiling and otherwise threatens to “close” the government. The Republicans, in his opinion, missed a Golden opportunity to do this, they put the amendment on the debt to a bill of privileges to veterans of the armed forces, adopted by both houses unanimously. But not all members of the same party of the President support raising the ceiling – because funds are needed for construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. These funds, despite the President’s pledge to make Mexico pay for it, the budget will not return.

The decision on the state debt must be taken before the end of the financial year, i.e. until September 30. This time limit applies to the Federal budget, which won’t be adopted in time. (Congress does not make law on the budget. The chamber voted for the resolution, which defines the basic parameters of the budget, and then accepted Billy appropriations for each item of expenditure – this work is currently far from complete.) Hence the threat of a trump “close” is the government, which will not be money for current payments, providing funds Congress, but they are managed by the Treasury. This situation is called impoundment. In strict legal sense is a seizure of property, in relation to the budget veto on spending. In the past Congress out of the situation by passing the law on short-term funding. So it will be this time.

Another urgent question – Federal aid to the Texas and Louisiana affected by hurricane “Harvey”. It is expected that the first tranche of 7.85 billion dollars – will be approved before the end of the week (it is planned to allocate 150 billion). The idea to include a clause to raise the debt limit in a bill to help. However, a number of Republican senators said they would vote against such a linkage.

Next in the plans is tax reform, which, according to the President, “will create millions of new jobs.” On Tuesday, he was invited to the White house, Republican congressional leaders and chairmen of the relevant committees, to discuss the prospects of the bill. Prospects not too rosy. The lion’s share of the tax cuts falls on the corporate business. The President presumed that the liberated means will be directed on expansion and development of production, and consequently, the reductions will benefit employees. But in the past, tax cuts do not necessarily stimulate the economy. In any case, the Congress will be a long debate on this issue. It is unlikely that the reform will be adopted before the end of the calendar year as the President wants.

But there is still a major project upgrading the infrastructure, which also requires Federal funding. The President it is time to abandon the tactics of cavalry swoop and begin to work with Congress if he really wants to achieve something.

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