The presenter of the Russian “First channel” was brought into the Studio in a bucket of shit

Russian TV presenter Artem Sheinin wanted to give a bucket of shit in the guest Studio

Screenshot: 1tv.ru

Live socio-political show “First Studio” on “the First channel” RF presenter Artem Sheinin made in the Studio of a bucket with the label “g**”, which tried to present the Ukrainian blogger Sergey Zaporozhye. The incident occurred in the air on Thursday, April 20.

Before that, he asked a Ukrainian blogger whether he is a Twitter account under the name “Bandera football.” He said no. After that, the screen posted a tweet “Bandera football”, which says: “I am Sergey Zaporozhye, I promise to eat a bucket of shit 01.01.2017, if not return Crimea to Ukraine…”

“Such gunface on the “First Federal channel” show, Tom, this is the bottom, you have punched the bottom of the just!” – cried in Zaporizhia.

The blogger stressed that has two accounts in social networks, which is responsible for the content. After that, he published another tweet with the “Bandera football”, which was a picture of Zaporozhye. Blogger exclaimed that photo for the fake Twitter account took from his page in Facebook. In response, the host offered Zaporozhye to recognize that Crimea is Russian. He refused, after which he carried into the Studio stored in advance a bucket of feces and put it near Zaporizhzhya.

After walking with a bucket in the Studio, he said that similar to a feces a substance in the bucket is actually chocolate.

“The chocolate is from Petro Poroshenko, the chocolate the most. All editors have collected!” – assured presenter.

He then added that even if a tweet about Crimea was not written in Zaporizhia, “he’s such buckets 10 deserve.”

20 Oct 2016 Sheynin broadcast talk-show “Time will tell,” said that normally communicate with him around, although he killed people. So he responded to a remark from the guest Studio, Director Gregory Amnuel, who called the militants “DNR” Arseniy Pavlov (Motorola) a killer who can not be called a hero. “I was killed, then what? You’re sitting with me, talking. And for many people, I itself is quite legitimate,” said Scheinin. The presenter did not specify the circumstances under which he committed the murder, but we know that in 1984-1986 he served in Afghanistan.

On the website of the Foundation “Russian television Academy” stated that he was working on RTR in the “Endless journey” and “national interest” Dmitry Kiselev. From 2000 to 2008 he was the first chief editor and then Director of the program “Times” on “the First channel”, which was led by TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, and since November 2008 he is head of the program “Pozner” on “the First channel”.

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