The positive aspects of the legalization of weapons in Ukraine

Each year, about 500 people are lawful gun owners only through rewarding

At the beginning of 2017, in Ukraine there were 909 thousand units of firearms. Photo: minval.az

Recently, Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legislative support of law enforcement (the faction “people’s front”), Anton Gerashchenko said, that question permits a free circulation of short firearms can be solved by an Advisory referendum.

Talk about how to introduce in Ukraine the free purchase of weapons has been quite lengthy, and the Verkhovna Rada registered several bills on this subject.

The expert of the program of reforming law enforcement and judicial systems of the analytical center “Ukrainian Institute for the future,” Tatiana Yushchenko enumerates the positive aspects of the resolution of weapons:

  • the fact of the armed conscious citizens will force the power elite to reckon with their opinion, take responsibility for decisions and their consequences;
  • the presence of weapons gives a sense of security and for this purpose it is not necessary to apply;
  • the legalization of weapons will increase the State Budget revenues (license fees, training, etc.).

However, the expert adds that weapons permit is not a panacea for ills, as a means of protection can easily become a means of attack, and it all depends on in whose hands it is in.

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