The police searched the national team of Belarus on hockey in Paris

French police searched the national team of Belarus on arrival players from Bordeaux by train

French police. AFP photo

French police searched the national team of Belarus on hockey at the station in Paris.

The national team of Belarus on Wednesday has arrived from Bordeaux by train to Paris, where on may 5 the world Cup starts, and had been ransacked by local police.

“When the train arrived, us, allegedly for security reasons, asked to stay in the car. After a few minutes, when it was given permission to exit, we were in a police cordon, which suddenly turned into a makeshift customs checkpoint. Quite hard: the personal things of the players and coaches were subjected to a very thorough screening process. As shown, carefully inspect Luggage age coaches. As for the doctor of our team, then his stuff reviewed every pill and vial,” said one of the eyewitnesses.

“The inspection lasted about 20 minutes and the whole time we were in the cordon of men in uniform. It seems that in addition to police there were military. It ended with the fact that we were told “well, you are all right,” he said.

The national team of Belarus in the first match at the world Cup on Friday in the capital of France will play against Finland. The 2017 world Championships will be held from 5 to 21 may, in addition to Paris tournament games will also Cologne.

Answer 1 for “The police searched the national team of Belarus on hockey in Paris”

  1. bro says:

    What a fucking shame! First French police searched Belarusian rowing team.Based on this fact (search) International Federation disqualified men team from Olympics, where they were supposed to wind bunch of medals. So, innocent sportsmen had to go to the International court and pay money just to prove that they were right. Of course they won the case, but time was lost. Nobody apologized, nobody returned the medals (lost opportunity to win gold/silver just like on previous Olympics) and now French police does this shit again. WTF?!
    Is France corrupt like this in every area? Can’t you guys handle sport events on the ice/pitch, etc, why always bring politics. I think a lot of this jealousy comes back from Belarusian footbal team won against French in France couple years ago. At least you have some dirty pig fans, lol.

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