The police of Barcelona are not found explosives near the Church of Sagrada Familia

In the Catalan capital hosted the anti-terrorist operation. Later, the alarm was declared false.

Photo: Reuters

The police of Catalonia held on Tuesday evening, September 12, the anti-terrorist operation in the capital of the region, but later declared that it was a false alarm. During the operation the area was roped off, adjacent to the Church of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia), bomb experts examined a few cars, in particular, a suspicious van parked near the temple, but did not find it explosive.

The evacuees were hundreds of visitors to Barcelona’s main attractions, as well as the staff working in the Church. Access to the nearby metro station was closed, reported on Twitter by the emergency service of Catalonia. Local media reported that he was detained at least one person.

Almost a month ago, the Catalan capital has become the target of terrorists. On 17 August the van drove into people on the pedestrian street Las Ramblas in Central Barcelona . In the result, 16 people died, another 130 were injured. A few hours later in Tarragona, 100 kilometers South of the capital of Catalonia, a group of hackers tried to break into the car to the pedestrian zone. The car overturned, and in the ensuing firefight with police, the terrorists were killed.

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