The player “olimpika” Moss “In the restaurant came the separatists and I said to myself life goodbye”

The Moroccan showed “Today” my apartment overlooks the Lavra and told about business in Brussels and on the failure of the contract with real Madrid

Moss loves to play video games. Author photo: Sergey Revera, “Today”

“Who?” — ask us at the entrance to the new brown high-rise on the Kharkov array. “To Moss,” tell. — “The tenants of that name there,” the run on the list, meets the janitor in camouflage. “Maybe you have it recorded as Kadri Mohammed Marsalla?” The response is the same. “He’s a football player, “Marseille” plays. We to him for an interview”. — “Ah! Player? You know it! Go ahead.” “Today” has visited the Moroccan winger with a Spanish passport, which before the 11th round of the championship of Ukraine was not equal in the system “goal+pass” — 4 +4.

“I live on the 31st floor,” warned us of Moss on the phone. But he didn’t say that during the Elevator will lay ears like in an airplane. “I have never had this problem. I guess I just got used to the height. Before that, he lived in Kiev on the 20th”. Sneakers, black shorts and a white t-shirt, he invites you to the kitchen combined with a balcony, the view from the Windows of which immediately becomes clear why the “Olympian” took this apartment. Beautiful lake just below the house, and then the Motherland, Lavra Kiev at a glance.

24-year-old lives here himself. In his bedroom with a large bed and a huge plasma in front. As in the kitchen, there is air conditioning. “To save me in the winter,” smiles the native of Africa. There is a closet, from which he pulls out posters from the Ukrainian fans with the words: “Moha, you are the best, you are my idol”.

In the corner of the balcony missing a vacuum cleaner. In General the apartment is very clean.
“Make yourself at home! Tea will you?” — as a foreigner who came to Ukraine four years ago, Moss speaks Russian very well. After receiving an affirmative answer, he fills the kettle with water from six-liter bottles.

— There are stunning sunsets! — looking out the window, says Moss. — And there around the lake, if training is planned for the evening, in the morning can 15 minutes to run. In this high-rise I’m the only one from the “Olympic”. Not far from here — as it’s called — Yes, on Poznyaky live zauri Makharadze, Emerson. But to visit each other do not go, prefer to sit in a restaurant in the center. No, not Moroccan food — I love soup… I Know it was somewhere in the 15th housing option I was looking. Seeing the view from the window, immediately said: “Good.” And there’s a big TV, and I wanted that for Playstation. Well, this gives easy access to Boryspil, where we sometimes are training. On taxi to the subway, and there we are taking a team bus, and 25 minutes later, we’re here.

— An apartment paid by the club?
— “Olympic” allocate, conditionally speaking, two grivnas. But if, say, the rental is five, the difference is deducted from the salary.

— You are in the “two hryvnia” fit?
— Yes (laughs).

Neighbors hear?
— I do not. The house is new, sparsely populated.

— Tell me about your family.
— I have four sisters: – standard design is (she’s 10 years old) rascal (18), hazard (21), Nasr is the eldest, she’s 26. I’m 24. We come from the Moroccan city of Ujja. Life was difficult there, barely have enough to eat. Dad worked in Spain, selling different things. Send us money, but not regularly. Saw him about once a year. As soon as he made the paper, we moved to it. When I was eight years old.

What do you remember about childhood?
— I now look at children in Kiev, they are 10 years old go to school with my mother by the hand. I are 4-5 years old walked to school alone. Now my mom asked why it was so with me. She says, “Moss, this is Morocco!”.

— Up school always came?
— Where there! Sometimes, I see friends playing football — and there is some school! Then the teacher asks the mother: “where’s your boy been?” Oh, and I received then from her face, and on the back seat.

— It worked?
— No, of course. Although I promised mom: all the more so will not. She wanted that I studied. “You have to be a man,’ she said. — When you grow up, you’ll help your sisters.” For this I play. Helped to purchase a family home, sister — pay the University. My money is their money. But if two years ago I regularly sent them the translation, now so acutely the question is not because I opened a business that feeds the family — they normally live in Belgium, in Brussels.

— What kind of business?
— We need to understand that football is not forever. And then what? Here and opened the case. This is a great store in Brussels in the wholesale of bread.

— Wow!
My dad worked in the store. “Moss is a very good thing. My dream is to have a business,” he told me. And at one point the father said, “the Person who holds this business, wants to sell it”. I gave dad the money it is the business bought, and now he’s the boss. We bake and sell a lot of bread every day. We have plus or minus 24 clients — hotels, supermarkets, and each, relatively speaking, orders a hundred loaves a day. The price of one Euro.

— This bread tried?
— Yes, very tasty. Saw it baked. Blind money is not invested.

— Remember your very first earnings?
— My friend and I were playing in a bar in Sega. He was 14, I — 10. Throw 20 cents — and play. And then came the employee of the bar. “Need help,” he says. “What?” He opened the room and there is a lot of coal. “Move it over there. I’ll give you five euros.” For me it was a fortune! Of course, agreed to six hours dragged this coal (laughs). It was the first of five euros in my life. As spent? Bought a candy bar, and everything else pulled in the “ségou”. Now I kept going — it was the work of at least a hundred euros. My back ached for three weeks.

— As stated in “Wikipedia”, your full name, Kadri Mohammed Marsalla. Right?
— Yes, only one Mohammed Marsalla, Cady. Kadhi is the name of mother, Marsalla Pope. But Mohammed is the most important name for Muslims, like Christians have Jesus. But will not be partners on the field to shout: “Mohammed, pass!” So everyone calls me Moss. Another was nicknamed Morito — so in Spain called Moroccans. Friendly, without racism.

— How did you become a footballer?
— Playing football I started at age 13. Before two years my dad took me to karate — probably to me, in case of any problems, she could protect herself, but I didn’t like. Although I there’s even a belt earned. Green or something.

— So you like Konoplyanka? He, too, started with karate. Can something from the show?
— No. Seriously, don’t remember.

— In life they were not used?
— No. This is prior to departure from Morocco I fought every day. “I don’t like you!” — “And you me!” And let’s go! Got it decent, but it did not deter me.

And where are you going to play football?
— In a club in Granada, where I lived. District Army. Played there two or three years. Then I joined a serious team, “Santa Fe”, which were the best juniors in the city — played against Sevilla, “betacom”, other rivals from Andalusia. Ranked last, but I scored 16 goals. And I got a call from the Junior team of real Madrid, invited him to practice. Mom, Yes, we were all happy!

I was in the club, I already showed where I live, was given shape, dad took the photo. “Come on, you only look to the doctor and to train”. And the doctor says, “we Need to pause. Muscle trauma”. I about her and had no idea. I cried… was a step away from the contract with real Madrid. Injured I healed, but when I a couple of months back got a call from Madrid — say, the coach wants to see you, are you ready? I don’t let go. Don’t know, for money or for any other reason. And I decided to give up football.

— Are you joking?
Seriously. The family had moved to Brussels. I said, “are You with us?” I said, “No, I want to be myself.” And remained in Spain. We have a district where a lot of tourists. I worked as a greeter — invited visitors in bars: “Hey, come to us! Huh? No? Bye!” and so on… But soon miss football and went to play in the fourth division of Spain. Morning work (to pay for the room), the evening workout. And then my friend, the agent said, “Moss, there is an option in Ukraine. The team plays in the First League, but two wins — and it’s at its highest”. I took a chance.

Someone from the current stars seen then on the basis of “real”?
— Jesé then trained with the reserve team, Morata. Did you communicate to? “Hey, Hey!” and that’s it.

— Up to Olympique de Marseille were aware of the existence of Ukraine?
Thanks to Shakhtar’s matches with Barcelona. In addition, the Playstation had players from Ukraine — Shevchenko, Voronin.

— You came to Donetsk in early 2014…
Is a beautiful city. The first four months was easy.

— And then?
— I heard from the base as the nearby shoot. My parents, after watching news of Donbass was in a panic: “Moss, let us throw the football.”

I remember my friend and I were sitting in a restaurant, and then came the men in uniform — began to smash shop Windows, beat a waiter. I was in shock, I thought, that’s it, now start shooting, mentally said of life: “goodbye.” They were separatists. But the final understanding of the scale of what is happening came when bombed the airport. I was going to fly from Donetsk to Turkey and from there to Malaga. “Max, when will the ticket?” — ask the administrator. And he said: “the Airport is gone.” “How not? What’s the joke?”.

— Go on more enjoyable. What are your Hobbies?
For example, I love to do phone recording of how I understand life, that gave me a particular day. Daily devote an hour or two.

— Bowling?
— Last played in “Gulliver” with Brazilian team-mate of Gucci, and he won against me.

— What you cannot win?
— The game on the Playstation! Play Zauri, Grin, which is now in the “Veres”.

— For money?
— On sneakers. I already ate so much that partners say: “No, enough. Just say the training that I’m the best”.

— Who’s your team in FIFA-17?
— And I’ll show you the Moss includes the plasma and represents players, bought them on a virtual transfer market. — Willian, Mahrez, Ben Yedder, Coutinho, Fakir, Martial, Ben Arfa, Pepe, Umtiti, Varane and goalkeeper Diego Alves. On the Internet playing 3-4 million people, 10 divisions, I’m in the top one.

— But in the real world who, in your opinion, the best football player?
— I do not understand how Messi and Ronaldo can be put on the same level. Messi is an alien, but there are just players. And there is already possible to argue who is better — Ronaldo, for example, or Coutinho.

— I love disco?
— Here side by side there is a club Latin dance — I go there on the weekends. Dance salsa, merengue, bachata. I really like it.

— So you’re a potential customer dance projects!
— No, I’m shy. A couple of years ago me through a social network “Vkontakte” called to participate in the program, where you have to get acquainted with the girls: one, two, three…

“Love at first sight”?
Yes, Yes. But I didn’t go. Well, if you were a footballer, would you go? “What language do I communicate with them?”. — ask. “English,” they say. No, I refused.

— By the way, he is not yet planning to get married?
— Coming soon-coming soon — 15 years later (laughs).

— By the way, when did you learn English? The courses went?
— Going to Marseille, I lived with the Nigerian ISA. Year of communication with him will replace the best courses.

— All language incidents in Ukraine ever happened to you?
— In the early days was missing. For example, I went to the store, gathered ingredients, and the cashier asks, “a Package?” I told her in Spanish, “What?” And she said, “the Package? Package?” Anyway, she started yelling at me, and I left the store without food.

— You didn’t say you look like johnny Depp?
— No (laughs). Although this actor I really like. “Pirates of the Caribbean” with his participation — the film of my childhood.

— What now?
— Game of Thrones (“Game of thrones”) — passed in English Moss. — Walking Dead (“the Walking dead”). When I saw the announcement of this series, I thought: what am I, a fool to watch a zombie flick? Younger sister convinced. And so lured!

Is there a role you’d like to play?
— Superman! What would I do if I have supernatural powers? Would be put in jail deputies who do not share their money with the common people, and those who make their money on the blood.

— You have an original hairstyle. Probably, in Kiev there is a Barber?
I’m my own Barber. This hairstyle I have eight years already. I didn’t like how I was cutting, I decided to cut himself. And it worked! Now every once in a week pay cut for about twenty minutes. Call it “hair from Mohi”.

— Other too swift?
— And you look like began to look some players of Olympique de Marseille.

— You recently had a birthday. How did you celebrate?
— House lay, slept, watched football.

— Oh! Don’t believe it.
— For me it’s a normal day — as it has been since childhood. When there is no money for a cake, whatever may be the occasion? So it was eight years in Morocco, and after moving to Spain, it was even more difficult.

But partners in “Olympic” you’ve probably congratulated?

— And how?
(Moss portrayed a storm of applause.)

But some gifts of life you gave. What is remembered?
In my last team in Spain “Deportivo” (Huétor-tájar) — I got shoes. The ones I played are broken. “Why not buy a new one?” — surprised partners. “What boots, I have no money!” And they chipped in for 5-10 euros, and collected 120 euros and gave me boots.

— When Yarmolenko has gone to Borussia Dortmund, it was said that his position in Dynamo can come to you. It was real?
— Honestly, I don’t know. Such questions — to the President “olimpika”. Of course, everybody wants to play in such clubs as “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar”.

— If called from both Grand, what would you choose?
— Would remain at “Olympic” (laughs) so nobody argued. Seriously, I’m focused on “Olympic”. And in the future would like to play in Europe.

— You have twice called to the youth of Morocco, but because of injuries she’s never played. And if invited to the national team of Ukraine? In 2019 it will be five years since you moved to our country, and theoretically you could be eligible to play for the “blue-yellow”…
— Never say “never”. Everything is possible in football. By the way, I watched the matches of Ukraine with Turkey, Iceland. I like Yarmolenko, Konoplyanka and Rakitskiy, Pyatov, rotan, however, it is not so often plays. Remember how well your team played Germany in the Euros. So it is necessary and now with Croatia, and the victory in the teeth.

— You said Fedetskyy is the toughest player in the Ukrainian League. From it most?
— Yes from all. After each match, apply ice to the feet.

Are you one of the most skilful players in the Premier League. Where is the ball?
— The practice. Actually before the match I don’t think it will beat rivals on the field, everything happens spontaneously.

— What like more, to score or give assists?
— (without thinking) to Score!

…Already seeing us off, Moss suddenly the door asked:
— Don’t recall who was the top scorer in the last season?
— Yarmolenko.
— And how many scored?
— 15. Want him to beat?
Well, which player attack to become the best scorer?


Moss was born in Uige 15.09.1993 (Morocco)

Career: 2012-2014 — Deportivo (Huétor-tájar, Spain), 2014 Olimpik (Donetsk), 2016 — hire in Gimnastike (Spain).

About Kiev: “I like to walk around the Maidan, along the Dnieper river. What I dislike is that a lot of the poor. Sorry for the grandmothers who sell near the metro rose by UAH 10”.

On food: “When you come to mom, she tries to feed me meat: “Moss, let’s eat! Six months you’re starving”. While in Kiev, I often make my own lunch — broccoli, share, with rice. Sweet? After the game you can eat cheesecake or Napoleon. But alcohol is not tolerated. When I was a young man in Spain I was offered a drink, cupito, tequila. From the smell of one made me sick”.

About the machine: “In Kiev, traveling by taxi. In the car did not see the point. I want to buy a car when you move on to the next command, for example, in Germany, signing a contract for three years. And buy a car here — and what to do in case of departure? In the river it? Speed I love. Spain was 200 km but it is two to three minutes maximum. There is dangerous speeding can and to plant.”

Recall that after the transition Yarmolenko in the “Borussia” there was talk that Moss may become a Dynamo player.

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