2 Nord Stream AG is trying to achieve a conclusion of the pipeline from the MLPA EU Gas Directive

In may, the European court refused to accept the claim of the Gas Directive. 2 in Nord Stream AG say that only on procedural grounds.

The company-operator Nord stream-2, Nord Stream AG 2 filed an appeal against the decision of the Court of justice on the rules of the Gas Directive of the European Union, Interfax reported.

“May 20, 2020 the court made the decision on the refusal to consider the claim on procedural grounds. The court rejected the claim on the merits. Nord Stream AG 2 does not share the court’s reasoning regarding procedural matters and continues to believe that amendments to the Gas Directive are unlawful discrimination,” the company said.

In may, the European court refused to accept to consideration the claim 2 of the Nord Stream AG.

“The court declares that the claim and Nord Stream AG Nord Stream AG against 2 of the Directive 2019/692 that distributes individual market rules on pipelines from third countries, is not admissible in court”, – told then in court.

Later withdraw Nord stream-2 under the requirements of the Gas Directive also refused the German regulator.

According to the updated Directive, the pipelines in the Maritime economic zone of the EU, subject to the provisions of the third energy community, which oblige the operator to reserve up to 50% of the capacity of the gas pipeline for pumping fuel from alternative suppliers.


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