The Minister of defence of Russia: under the control of Bashar al-Assad Syrian territory increased 2.5 times

The territory of Syria, the government-controlled Bashar al-Assad, over the past two months increased 2.5 times, said the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. According to him, this made the Syrian army with the support of Russia.

Sergei Shoigu. Photo: Ministry of defense of Russia

The area controlled by government forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad territories increased by 2.5 times, said the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. According to him, this was done over the past two months.

“Over the past two months liberated territory big, than it was under the control of the Syrian government at the time of entry there. In fact, we did it in 2,5 times more than it was before,” — said Shoigu in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.

“We — I mean the Syrian army, with our support,” — said the Minister.

He also called the city of Deir ez-Zor, which has been several years besieged by militants of the “Islamic state” “the main point on the Euphrates”, the release of which “will largely talk about the end of the fight” against terrorists in Syria.

The Russian defense Ministry on Sunday morning, 13 August, reported that Syrian troops and militia backed by Russian aircraft freed the town of es-Sohne. Successful completion of this operation paved the way for the start of the fighting for the liberation of Deir ez-Zor.

“August 13, 2017 as a result of joint actions of the aviation of Russian air force, units of government troops and militias in the East of the province of HOMS is completely liberated from the ISIL militants the city of es-Sohne”, — stated in the message Department.

Furthermore, Shoigu said that the armed Syrian opposition got their own to deal with the terrorists trapped inside the newly created zones of de-escalation. According to the head of the defense Ministry, one of the main problems of the operation in Syria there was an office of the opposition from terrorists. “When we said here is a zone of de-escalation, there is moderate and not so moderate opposition, but the opposition. There are no bandits. But if there are bandits there, it is the opposition that is inside this zone of de-escalation, have to deal with them”, — he said.

Memorandum on the establishment of four safety zones in Syria agreed on and signed delegations of Russia, Iran and Turkey in the international negotiations in Astana on may 4. Agreement in these areas will be stopped air sorties and fighting.

July 7, during the first personal meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump became known that an agreement on ceasefire in the South-Western areas of Syria. The ceasefire came into force on 9 July. In the peace talks was also attended by the representatives of Israel and Jordan.

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