The millstone of “medical mills” don’t stop

The millstone of “medical mills” don’t stop

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Just as, according to Leo Tolstoy, all happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, all criminal cases “Russian doctors” accused of fraud with Medicare and Medicaid, similar like twins.

Usually the work of “medical mills” (“medical mill”), as he was called by these Scam reporters, and their feed prosecutors, is that owned by scammers or working under their control clinic represents insurance companies phony bills for medical procedures which either holds without the need, or not conducting at all. The Scam involved physicians, managers, and employees of such mills, as well as patients and intermediaries, who are paid kickbacks. Since victims of the “millers” were generally public programs, Medicaid and Medicare, and the theft has acquired monstrous proportions, the Scam took in earnest. “Melnikov” mercilessly put on trial and imprisoned, but they are not appeased.

“Mills” typical and special

In the new York office of the FBI since 2007 a special Department to combat fraud in the health sector, which also includes the city’s police and state attorney’s office and investigators of the Ministry of labour, Ministry of health and a lot of control of insurance companies. Standard “mill” turns the millstones, when craftsmen without a license doctors, but the money, negotiate with licensed, but cash-strapped doctors and open their name of the clinic, then getting right to work with Medicare and Medicaid. This, returning to Tolstoy, happy families “medical Melnikov”, but there are cultural-the originals, like the group of five dozen people, mostly immigrants from Armenia, who were arrested in California and in Brooklyn, new York-seven years ago today, October 13, 2010. They created 118 not available at all clinics, on behalf of whom sent Medicare bills for the treatment of people whose data was stolen from them, and was thus more than 35 million dollars.

This innovation, the then head of the new York office of the FBI Janice Fedarcyk, whose ancestors were Fedorchuka, called the “swindle of the devil’s beauty”, and then Manhattan Federal Prosecutor preet Bharara noticed that this Armenian-American criminal group could be the envy of “every traditional family (Italian) mafia”. From the types of crimes in the sphere of health care programs that Scam is really different because it was not involved neither real patients, real doctors, but also in the case were the Armenian “thief in law” Armen Kazaryan the nicknames “PSO” and “Crop”. The indictment said that Kazarian lived in Glendale, a suburb of Los Angeles, and, using the authority, “the lawyer”, resolved disputes with other criminals in the United States and abroad, but himself no crime was committed.

Other unusual “medical mill” can be considered the dental clinic Advanced Dentistry of Connecticut in Stamford, the Manager of which Yelena Ilizarov September 22, was sentenced to one year and one day of imprisonment, and then to three years of supervision. Arrested on 21 June last year, 44-year-old citizen of Russia and the United States Ilizarov was accused of defrauding private health insurance companies Blue CrossBlue Shield Insurance Company” (BCBS), “Cigna”, “Metlife”, “Benevis” and “Guardian Insurance”, as well as offices of the company “Delta Dental” in Arizona, Wisconsin, California, Kentucky, Michigan and Rhode island, which lost a total of 581 729 dollars. After the arrest she was released on bail of half a million dollars, and, admitting guilt, Elena Ilizarov confirmed judge Victor Bolden that stole the personal data of the elderly patient and the dentist a pensioner and on his behalf, from 2005 to 2011 were provided by private companies the health insurance bill, which was not, on behalf of the doctor who about it knew nothing. In business it is called “D. T. M.”, and getting a warrant for the arrest of Ilizarova 20 June 2016, Federal investigator Gary Sanford under oath said that “D. T. M.” is suffering from senile dementia and gets help under Medicare.

Physician, heal yourself!

But today we are talking about the typical “medical mill”. 2 October in the Federal court for the Central district of California in Los Angeles sentenced to 37 months in prison and three years supervision after release 53-year-old Junkie Vardumyan, also an immigrant from the former Soviet Armenia, has long received U.S. citizenship. Vardumyan lives in Burbank, is also a suburb of Los Angeles, home to a large community of her compatriots, and she owned the clinic, which helped Named from 2011 to August 2013 to cheat Medicare 1 711 789 dollars, which she agreed to return. On June 21 last year, the magistrate judge Alicia Rosenberg at attorney George Mgdesyan appointed for the release of the arrested on the eve Junkie Vardumyan bail in 25 thousand dollars, which were immediately made. Under the terms of the release Vardumyan on the same day passed the passport and pledged not to leave the territory of the Central district of California without permission of the judge. She signed a notice that may temporarily be deprived of such valuable public benefits and civil rights as the right to vote, the right to possess arms, the right to hold elective office and the right to be a member of the jury.

Because the admission of guilt Junkie Vardumyan refused the right of appeal, judge Dale Fischer after the verdict ordered her to report to the office of the Federal marshals in Los Angeles no later than the afternoon of 8 January 2018. While it is known that at the request of the lawyer of the defendant, the court recommended that the Federal Bureau of prisons to place Vardumyan in prison Taft California town, named in honor of the 27th President of the United States. There, again on the recommendation of the court, Narc Vardumyan must undergo 500 hours of the course of struggle with addiction, but nothing like it had caught. No wonder in the gospel of Luke tells how Jesus Christ came to the temple and announced to all gathered there that he was sent by God to save people. Anticipating possible criticisms and doubts, “He said to them: surely you will tell Me the proverb: the doctor! heal Yourself”( (Chapter 4, article 23).

Marketers in the service of the swindler

In April 2017 Vardumyan pleaded guilty to two paragraphs of fraud, but rather, that it “deliberately and maliciously” participated in a Scam to defraud Medicare, submitting there accounts for the “not medically necessary office visits and diagnostic tests” and “write prescriptions and orders for durable medical equipment use and care for the sick at home”. Narik Vardumyan affirmed judge Fischer that “many, if not all” of visitors to her clinic “had brought… her accomplices, known as “marketers” (marketers), who suggested that the Medicare is free and not medically necessary goods and products” because they will visit the clinic Vardumyan”.

In Burbank Junkie Vardumyan actually belonged Angeleno Clinic on the East Angeleno Avenue, where she was listed as a Manager. To work in this clinic with Medicare were allowed licensed doctors who are in the business as “R. T.” and “P. D.” the indictment States that on may 3, 2013 Angeleno Clinic presented to the Medicare account for $ 930 for their visitor “S. M.” with the help of ECG, the test of sleep and orthopedics, what was not necessary. 7 may 2013 the expense of Medicare for 760 dollars received for unnecessary visitor “M. A.” procedures that he had a physician’s assistant, passing in as “V. S.”. And so on and so forth: from September 2012 to September 2013, such accounts amounted to a total of 387 520 dollars, of which the clinic is Named Vardumyan received 171 487. During the same period, according to the directions and orders “V. S.” medical non-expendable equipment, independent diagnostic centers and agencies care at home presented to the Medicare program accounts in total 2 064 759 dollars, of which the program paid 1 540 302.

“You will find. You will give in court”

In July, the Ministry of justice announced the arrests across the country more than 400 people who were accused of defrauding Medicare and Medicaid by about $ 1.3 billion. It wasn’t a typical mill, as it was a new trend – narcotic drugs-opioids, the cost of which pay generous Federal program. Some clinics are “loaded” Medicare and Medicaid accounts for tablets that nobody bought, and the other for the wages prescribed them drug addicts or drug dealers. “We will use all available means to stop the criminals who prey on the weak and steal our labor and tax dollars – said the Minister of justice Jeff sessions. – We give a clear message to criminals: you will find. You will give in court. And you will pay dearly for what he did”.

Medicare exists since 30 July 1965, when President Lyndon Johnson introduced it into the action of the social security Act (Social Security Act), and solemnly handed the first card of a member, ex-President Harry Truman and wife Bess. So don’t question where does the road paved with good intentions.

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