The media talked about trump handed over to the Kremlin’s plan for ultimate reconciliation

Moscow has developed and transferred the administration of the Donald trump plan complete and rapid normalization of relations between Russia and the United States, however, few of its provisions have a chance to be fulfilled in life, according to Buzzfeed. The article says that the editors had read the paper, which listed the Russian proposals in Washington.

Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, Hamburg, 7 July 2017. Photo: Reuters

According to the publication, the settlement plan came from Moscow during the third month of stay trump in power.

Vice-President for studies, Carnegie endowment for international peace Andrew Weiss described the document, which he handed to review as a “road map” to full normalization of Russian-American relations.

The project involved the full restoration of diplomatic and military channels of communication and contacts between intelligence services . Cooperation in these areas were the most affected by the events in Ukraine and Syria, noted the authors.

The plan was supposed to in the coming weeks after approval to organize a meeting between the special envoy of the President on cyber security Andrey Krutskikh with American colleagues to discuss issues of “information security”. In addition, it was points on negotiations for Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear issue, the conflict in Ukraine, the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Moscow also suggested a personal meeting of the heads of the CIA, FBI, national security Council of the United States and head of the Pentagon with their Russian colleagues and the resumption of a number of communication channels between the US and Russia, which were closed under the previous President Barack Obama.

The Russian Embassy in Washington declined to discuss the document, the newspaper notes. “We do not comment on closed bilateral negotiations, it is normal diplomatic practice”, — quote the authors of the material response of the Embassy.

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