The garden is ready to help with a kind word, but hopes that the owners will find a dialogue.

Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy said about the crisis situation which now developed in the “Carpathian mountains”, while confirming that Igor Kolomoisky is the co-owner of the club.

“Come to me, the current owner of the shares of the Carpathians. I made it clear – for the city, it is critical that the Carpathians were. Karpaty played in the top division. We are ready to help with whatever you can – a kind word. But we have no right to Finance professional football clubs. We support children’s football.

Therefore, the challenge to the owners. And the owners there are two: Smalyuk seems to be the name of the first, then there is Kolomoisky, who has the second part through the other structures. They found understanding, and the players have guaranteed funding. To Carpathians we were pleased.

We have no plans on making the club moved to municipal property. Because today we see that is due to the coronavirus. We have revenues fell very seriously. We wanted to act as a guarantor of the compromise and the creation of the national team, to include the city. But it seems that today it is hardly possible, given that the owners among themselves while I was looking for a dialogue. You will find – we will support and do whatever is necessary,” said Garden.



Earlier it was reported that the Carpathians can dream of the championship of Ukraine.

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