The mayor of Barcelona opposed the independence of Catalonia

The mayor of Barcelona Hell Cola spoke against a unilateral Declaration of independence of Catalonia. The results of the referendum on 1 October are not “the basis for the Declaration of independence,” said Cola on Monday, October 9. She also reminded about the threat of “national unity”.

However, Cola has called on the Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy to withdraw sent to the Catalonia police force. According to the mayor of Barcelona, Rajoy is supposed to deprive the government of the Catalan institutions. Cola believes that we need “a gesture of reconciliation on both sides”, and not voltage gain, which “never brings”.

In the Parliament of Catalonia on Tuesday evening, October 10, can be held meeting, at which the head of the authority Carles Pujdeme declared independence of the region. Their concerns on the Declaration of independence was expressed by the representatives of big business . Resignation of Catalonia said a number of banks as well as major road company Abertis.

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