Photo: an established monument of the man knew nothing

The Scotsman saw in the cemetery the grave with his name. He believes that this made his ex-wife.

A resident of the Scottish town of Forfar, County of Angus, Alan Hattel accidentally discovered in the local cemetery private grave. He believes that the gravestone has set his ex-wife, writes The Courier.

75-year-old Scot was very surprised when the cemetery came across a grave with his name. Then he realized why he stopped calling friends and acquaintances. Apparently, they thought he was dead.

Hettel noted that the monument was without his knowledge. He is believed to have established the tomb of his ex-wife. The Scot added that her name is also present.

The woman refused to communicate with journalists. The local authority is not told who purchased land and established the headstone, saying it is confidential information.

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