Photo: a frame from the video

To make an offer hands and hearts of the beloved, the man created a cartoon and showed it in a crowded theater.

The network won the video, which man incredible way does offer his beloved to marry him. The video appeared on the YouTube channel Lee Loechler.

The footage shows how in a cinema people watching a cartoon about a Sleeping beauty. One of the men in the front row staring at the reaction of his girlfriend.

When the Prince pulls out a wedding ring and makes an offer of Sleeping beauty, the man in the chicken a “miracle” turns out to be a box and he asks his beloved, will she marry him.

It turned out that the man for half a year, created a cartoon with your favorite heroine of his beloved. If you look closely that you can understand what the characters on the screen look like a couple in life.

It also appeared that the entire hall of the theater filled with the friends and family of the couple. Video of the day gathered more than two million views. In reviews, users say that they have no words to describe what he saw.

Earlier it was reported that fighting at the wedding, the couple refused marriage. Also the Correspondent wrote that the girl was married to itself, left without a groom.

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