The London city airport was closed due to found in the Thames bombs

Close to London city airport in the river Thames found a 500-pound bomb during the Second world war. The building of the airport cordoned off.

Photo from bbc.com

The airport will be closed all day on Monday it will not be able to take off about 16 thousand passengers.

The bomb was discovered on Sunday in the course of the work adjacent to the airport dock. Now divers of the Royal Navy and police are preparing to remove it from the water to neutralize.

The police promise that the bomb would get out of water by Tuesday morning, but noted that the operation affected by the change of water level in the river.


At a distance of 214 metres from the airport set the evacuation zone. When the bomb is removed from the river, this area will be widened to 250 metres. On the roads leading to the city of London, established cordons.

All flights from the airport cancelled. Airlines offer passengers alternatives or compensation .

Airport Director Robert Sinclair on Twitter has apologized and assured that the rescuers are trying to disarm the bomb as soon as possible.

Search teams are scouring the river bottom in the place where the bomb was found. Photo from bbc.com

Found in the Thames bomb — with a length of about five feet and weighing half a ton is likely to have been dropped by German aircraft during the Second world war, experts say the British Navy.


From the event: Greg McKenzie, bi-Bi-si


To the metro station “London city” people. Many with the bags, some don’t know what’s going on.

I managed to get into a high-rise building in Silvertown, directly across from the airport, entrance to which is blocked 15-20 police cars.

From the tenth floor I see an empty runway.

Usually on Mondays planes land here about every twenty minutes.

On the runway, I saw about 10 parked planes British Ariways.

All entrances to the airport blocked by the police. Photo from bbc.com

In the period between September 1940 and may 1941 the strength of the Luftwaffe dropped on London about 24 thousand tons of explosives, but according to researchers, every tenth bomb exploded.

Last year the passenger traffic of London city airport amounted to about 4.5 million passengers.

From July 2016, the airport building expand. Work is estimated to be worth around 400 million pounds.

Air harbour is used mainly by business passengers working in London near the business district of the city.

The airport serves domestic flights and flights to Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam and other European cities.

Bar length is just over 1.5 km, which imposes restrictions on the size of aircraft that can fly into London city.

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