The legendary Michael Jordan sent gifts to seriously ill Ukrainian fan

Basketball player endorsed the guy who suffers from a deadly genetic disease

Photos “Volynska true”

Photos “Volynska true”

Photos “Volynska true”

Photos “Volynska true”

Photos “Volynska true”

Photos “Volynska true”

The star of the world basketball Michael Jordan, who according to Forbes is the highest paid athlete in history, sent gifts for 18-year-old Ukrainian boyfriend Denis Kulish, who suffers from a deadly genetic disease.

The guy, despite the constant pain and the procedure goes to the basketball court and believes that basketball gives him the strength to stay and fight. The team of volunteers who help Denis, has joined two-time NBA champion Stanislav Medvedenko, as well as the national team of Ukraine on basketball. In November, they filmed a joint video message to Michael Jordan, to attract the attention of the legends of basketball to the dream of Dennis, said “Volynska Pravda”.

And here Michael Jordan responded to the request and sent As a package with a basketball outfit and a letter with good wishes and autograph. In the letter, the legend urged not to stop, go forward and believe in yourself.

“Dear Dennis, I was told that you are an ardent basketball fan, yourself are training and my dream is to someday play for a professional team. You might not realize it, but your determination in pursuit of goals, despite serious physical difficulties inspires us all. I appeal to you with words of encouragement: go ahead, don’t stop! And send you the gear that you will need to exit to the Playground. Remember: every day you win! Wear with pleasure!” – wrote Michael Jordan.

Volunteers even made a plan according to which Denis Kulish will be able to enter the United States in a special training camp for young basketball players under the auspices of Michael Jordan. For travel arrangements and associated costs for accommodation and medication it is necessary to collect 290 000 UAH.

Earlier we wrote that 12-year-old girl a month carried a cardboard image of Jordan in full size. She took him everywhere, including school, and taking pictures.

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