The Kremlin has called the reason for the return to Ukraine rest in Crimea military equipment

The proposal to transfer military equipment from Crimea to Ukraine is a “goodwill gesture” of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. This was stated to journalists the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, reports RBC.

Dmitry Peskov. Photo: press service of the Kremlin

What remained in the Crimea: the weapons that Putin can give Ukraine

“This is another gesture of goodwill, the political motivation to still get the process of Ukrainian settlement from the dead point”, he said.

Peskov recalled that before the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass military equipment was returned to Ukraine, and then the process was “really terminated in connection with the beginning of active hostilities, with the beginning of a bloodshed in Ukraine” . He noted that Putin “has repeatedly emphasized and demonstrated Russia’s interest” in relations between Moscow and Kiev “from the peak, which they entered, and exit from the pitiable condition in which there are”.

“The President also yesterday [11 January] it was said that Russia is interested more than other countries that had implemented the Minsk agreement. The President is a supporter of the continuation and completion of the process of exchange of detainees, and so it was another gesture of goodwill the manifestations of this political attitude,” said Sands. According to him, the modalities for the return of Ukrainian ships and aircraft will be clear after the contacts of military experts and diplomats on both sides, and after the reaction of the Ukrainian authorities. Peskov said that the process of transferring military equipment to Kiev will require a lot of contacts with Ukraine.

On the readiness of Ukraine to transfer the remaining in Crimea by the military ships, aircraft and armored vehicles, Putin said on 11 January. “However, it is in poor condition, but it is not our business,” he said. He noted that military equipment was in such a state, because “over the years, no one serviced”. The Russian leader said that we are talking about tens military ships and planes. He added that the ships can be transferred to the Ukrainian side in Kyiv.

In Ukraine on the Russian initiative and said that the transfer of military equipment will require “very careful study”. “So we didn’t stay, as they say, a bargaining chip,” said the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Igor Voronchenko.

Colonel, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski told RBC that most of the equipment Russia gave to the Ukraine in 2014. Remained in the Crimea a few infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and “small quantity” of T-64 tanks, division outdated version of the s-300. As said the chief editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrey Frolov, in the Crimea are seven MiG-29 fighters, two MiG-29UB, three instances of combat training aircraft L-39М1, 17 ships and support vessels, including the submarine “Zaporozhye”, ship control “Slavutich”, large landing ship “Konstantin Olshansky”, minesweeper “Chernihiv” and “Cherkasy”, and Corvette “Ternopil”, “Kiev” and “Dnipro”.

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