The kidnapping of the infant in Kiev: how often does the Ukraine lost children and how to protect your child

Every day in Ukraine lost 16 children, and during the year the number amounts to several thousand

More than 90% of the missing children to find during the day. Photo: econet.ru

The other day in Kiev there was a resonant story, the attackers stole two months, the girl from the garden. The website “Today” understood what happened in the capital, as often in Ukraine does kidnap children and how to protect your child.

What happened in Kiev

20 Oct, Friday evening, from Kyiv kindergarten No. 606, which is located in Obolon district, kidnapped two-month-baby. It became known that the father of the kidnapped girl came to the garden to pick up eldest daughter, and left the stroller with the child under the stairs on the first floor of the building. When he returned in a few minutes, the girls had moved, the camera recorded that she was taken by an unknown black jacket.

The police immediately declared wanted by 30-year-old man height about 180 cm, who was dressed in a black jacket, knee-length black knit cap. However, later it became known that the kidnapper was a woman. This fact was recorded by a surveillance camera, which show that the dark-haired woman takes the bag with the baby out of the stroller and quickly leaves. Video footage confirmed that the kidnapper was watching the child’s father on the way to kindergarten, and the father after I remembered that several times I saw this woman on the street.

In this video you can see how the kidnapper kills the baby in a carrying basket.

“We already understand that the woman followed dad, who walked with a stroller to daycare, this is recorded on the security cameras. In the end, the father himself recognized the intruder and said that a few times on the way to the garden saw a woman,” the police said.

On Facebook in the comments under the video, the user wrote that he had seen a similar woman in Vyshgorod (near Kiev). By noon Saturday, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that the child was found in Sweden, and his kidnappers were detained.

Photo: MIA

According to the adviser interior Minister, MP Anton Gerashchenko, the intruders were a couple who recently lost their child.

“One of the officers, checking the video camera in the pharmacy of the city of Vyshgorod, saw a young man and woman falling under a description of the kidnappers. The night was conducted a complex of investigative and operational activities, which allowed to establish the identity and whereabouts of the kidnappers. And they were arrested about noon today. Since the kidnapping and before the arrest of the kidnappers barely 24 hours. The kidnappers were a married couple from Vyshgorod”, – told Gerashchenko.

Thanks to this video managed to find and detain the kidnappers.

The arrested woman said her daughter recently died, and she threw the baby in the trash. This was announced at a press briefing on 21 October the chief of police of Kiev Andrey Krishchenko. The consequence considers that a woman could kidnap someone else’s child to get it for her. However, this information still needs careful checking, because the thief is confused in the testimony.

“One theory is that she says they lost a baby a month ago, threw the child in the trash. Are we going to find out all these events, because the police in Kiev is not fixed in the last month of the finding of the corpse of the child in landfills,” explained Krishchenko, adding that the woman must also specify the place where threw away their child.

It is noted that both detainees born in 1997, they lived in the city adjacent to the sawmill. The network also has a fragment of the interrogation, in which a woman declares that nothing wrong with the child did not, and only fed him and played with him and kidnap him the plans she had. She notes that made the decision immediately before a crime, as the father of the child allegedly said that he does not need it and he wants to give it to the orphanage.

There is also an extended version of the interview, in which she tells how he threw her dead baby in the trash.

Now the thief Kiev Prosecutor’s office has charged a suspect in committing a crime under part 2 of article 146 “Unlawful imprisonment or kidnapping”. The maximum penalty for the offence is up to 5 years in prison.

After the court granted the petition of the Prosecutor’s office and the woman was sent under-house arrest for two months. By the way, the reasons for its action in court, she was unable to explain.

The statistics of child abduction

According to Konstantin Bushuyev, Deputy chief of the National police of Ukraine, children are the most vulnerable category of the population. According to official data in 2015 Netpolicy received more than 4.5 million reported missing children, and in 2016, such a message was already about 6 thousand i.e. every day in Ukraine lost 16 children.

“For 8 months of this year the police have received 5075 reports of missing children. I must say that we have a fairly positive dynamics in terms of their search”, – quotes Bushueva, the press service of the interior Ministry.

As a rule, children are usually found within days after the loss. All of these cases – not only kidnapping, children are often themselves leave the house because of the unfavorable situation in the family, the scandals, the influence of peers or other reasons. According to statistics, 75% of cases is teenagers 13 to 17 years old who ran away from home. However, they find themselves on the street, they are at greater risk and can become victims of malefactors.

It is noted that if a child is missing, you need to immediately contact the police and not wait for three days after his disappearance.

How to protect your child

Kidnapping is not very common in Ukraine, but parents still need to closely monitor their children.

The Commissioner of the President of Ukraine on children’s rights, Mykhailo Kuleba noted that part of the blame for abducted in Kiev a girl carries a directly to the father himself, reports 24 channel. Kuleba said that parents of young children who are not yet able to stand up for themselves, should be more careful.

“This also applies to children 2, 3 and 5 years. If you even look (statistically – ed.) which children die or suffer serious injury, it is mostly small children who need care. So here’s a story that shows that, unfortunately, the father didn’t understand what could be the consequences of his actions,” – said Kuleba.

On his page in Facebook Kuleba has published detailed instructions on how to prevent child abduction. He identified several key points:

  • – do not leave children aged 0 to 7 years alone, or with strangers;
  • – build a trusting relationship with the child, so he could talk about his fears and not looking for a “reliable friends” to strangers;
  • – teach the child that if a stranger will take his briefcase or hand, it is necessary to shout loudly, “Who are you? I don’t know you”.

The Ombudsman for children also notes that the child should be cautioned, but not to intimidate, not to create a stressful situation and set hostile to the entire society.

Photo: facebook.com/up.z.prav.dytyny/

Similar cases

In July of this year, right in the center of Sumy woman tried to kidnap two boys. Two men prevented her to do it and called law enforcement authorities. The police say that she wanted to use the child for begging. The boy was walking with his 14-year-old aunt to my parents, who were waiting for them at the Church, when suddenly an unknown woman grabbed the child and ran

“Cries for help responded not indifferent passers-by. Already in the police station the woman said that the child was abducted, because I felt a maternal interest in him. In further admitted the boy had planned to use for begging,” – noted in police.

Nine year old boy stole the White Church straight from the Playground. The kidnappers promised to give him a snowboard, put in a car and taken to a nearby village, and then demanded a ransom of 10 thousand UAH from grandma’s boy.

Suspects in the kidnapping of a child caught in hot pursuit. But the missing boy were not at home, it is reported that he was released the wife of one of the intruders. The kidnappers were caught, and now to them threatens from 7 till 15 years of prison.

In the fall of 2016 in the Carpathian kidnapped 14-year-old boy and demanded a ransom in the amount of 7 thousand UAH with his mother. On the same day, the attacker was detained, and the child was released and returned home. The kidnapper was a 45-year-old resident of Kolomyia district, previously convicted for robbery and robbery.

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