The head of the CIA said on a possible new missile launch of the DPRK

The Director of the Central intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo said that North Korea may conduct another ballistic missile test, given the fact that in July, North Korea has conducted two test run. He reported about it on air of TV channel Fox News.

Photo: Reuters

“I’m pretty sure that (North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN) will continue to try to develop its missile program, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be one further missile test,” said Pompeo.

North Korea in late July announced the second successful launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile “And 14”. According to the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea, North Korean leader Kim Jong UN personally gave the order to launch a rocket. He watched her flight from the command post. Rocket, according to KCNA, flew 988 km, the flight time was 47 minutes. The head of North Korea called the missile tests “stern warning to the United States.”

According to the Pentagon, the missile was launched on July 28 . The chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yoshihide Suga said that the rocket spent in the air for 45 minutes and fell into the waters of the Japanese exclusive economic zone. According to the defense Ministry, North Korean missiles rose to 681 km and overcame 732 km, and then fell “in the Central part of the sea of Japan”.

In early July the DPRK has also announced the successful launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile “And 14”, which was held under the personal control of Kim Jong-UN. The rocket flew 933 km and rose to a height of 2802 km.

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