The hard life of Jewish students

The hard life of Jewish students

The fruits of enlightenment

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Gone are the days when elite schools and universities half of the students were Jews; today is dominated by Asians. And the atmosphere in schools is becoming increasingly hostile to Israel, and political activity of Jews. The current confrontation in the country has further exacerbated the “Jewish question” on College campuses.

Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism

According to a nationwide poll, support for Israel in the US has declined over the last six years, from 72 to 62 percent. Universities and colleges change even more – by 27%! A third of Jewish students indicates anti-Semitic incidents on campuses. (Brand Group). The main driving force behind anti-Israel propaganda on campus is the organization “Students for justice in Palestine.” Justice is understood in the sense that the territory of Israel belongs to the Arabs. This organization was created by Hatem Bazenom, a supporter of Hamas. The most popular slogan – “Everything related to Israel illegally”. Israel is accused of apartheid, fascism, genocide. The terror is justified as a natural response to oppression and injustice. On campuses have become commonplace demonstrations of hatred, hooligan protests during Jewish demonstrations, attacks on students, following the traditions of Judaism. Liberal professors (and the vast majority of teachers) are critical to the Jewish state and the Jewish “lobby”.

“New York times” writes about the student-Jew at Stanford who deleted his page on “Facebook”, where she supported Israel; it was dangerous for her. Jewish students receive a “notice of eviction” on the campuses held “checkpoints”, performances of “the cruelty of the Israeli army.” When the University of California students voted to boycott Israel, the Arabs shouted “Allah Akbar” and “Kill the Jews”. Israeli Ambassador Michael Warren could not speak in Livingston the University because of the cries of propalestinian. At Columbia University couldn’t be Alan Dershowitz, the well-known American lawyer.

At the same time, there were no protests against the killing of thousands of Palestinians in Syria, the exile of 250 thousand Palestinians from Kuwait, the conclusion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, etc. Over the last decades in civil wars killed more than a million

Muslims, many millions have become refugees, disabled persons, lost family members. These tragedies – only statistics, but every terrorist is destroyed by the Israeli army, the reason for hysteria and condemnation.

Now a welcome guest at universities and colleges – Linda Sarsour, violent Pro-Palestinian activist, which will not give up in the rhetorical and demagogic skills. Sarsour supports the “Liberation of Palestine” and radical Islam sees the terrorists freedom fighters. In Chicago Sarsour organized a rally in support of Palestinian women Ramsey Odeh, who was convicted in Israel for supporting terrorists. The us immigration service took the decision to expel her from the United States, however the City University of new York Sarsour invited to be the keynote speaker at the prom.

The University authorities rarely intervene in conflicts related to anti-Israeli hysteria on campuses. The usual explanation: anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Although in reality there is no difference. Another excuse – freedom of speech. But it is possible to condemn Judaism and Christianity, biblical prophets, but not the Quran and Muhammad is Islamophobia. At the University of Saint Louis, the former Congressman and retired Colonel Allen West was unable to issue a report on “the Threat of radical Islam” – Association of Muslim students, with the support of left-wing groups disrupted the speech. The University of Brandeis reviewed the decision to grant the honorary title of Ayaan Ali, a specialist on Islam, who once said: “Islam must be destroyed”. Recently, the House of representatives discussed the challenges to freedom of expression in universities. The chamber has condemned cyberbullying among students, the bananas hanging on the trees at the American University in Washington, DC (bananas somehow associated with racism) and Islamophobia. About anti-Semitism, anti-Israeli hysteria on campuses were not discussed.

Is there a cure for hatred?

When any group of minorities considers that its rights are being violated, demonstrations that at times turned into a riot and mayhem. When Jews encounter anti-Semitism, they try to find the right words, able to convince the haters. These attempts have not stopped since the destruction of the Temple. The temple is still in ruins, but the argument continues. The most popular in the country Rabbi Shmully Boteach does not descend from TV screens and stands, he is a prolific author. His new book “the Battle for Jewish

the state of the campus to the streets” full of evidence and recommendations: “Our goal on campus is to tell the truth”. But the haters of Jews and the Jewish state has their own truth, more aggression and less complexes than the Jews-liberals. The arguments of the Pro-Israel side are reduced to justifications and attempt to prove the goodwill of the Jewish state. About five thousand victims of war in Syria have received assistance in the hospitals of Israel. In Israel for medical treatment

send their children to the leaders of the Palestinians who call Jews “sons of pigs and dogs.” Israeli field hospitals – the most effective in helping victims of disasters and terror in many countries. Israeli scientific and technological achievements serve around the world. Action

the Israeli army in the war on terror is the most gentle towards the civilian population even in comparison with Western countries. In Arab countries, the Arabs do not enjoy such freedoms in Israel. Arabs are represented in Parliament, in the Supreme court, in the universities and media. But logic and numbers are meaningless when they are addressed to the fanatics and those who are brought up on the utopias of political correctness. David Horowitz, founder of the “freedom center”, author of bestsellers about Islamofascism, not offering to defend himself, and to come, to call things by their names, and the enemies of Israel, the supporters of radical Islam – the accomplices of the terrorists, waging war against Western civilization. This is the role of “useful idiots”, including from the Jewish environment that still rely on concessions and assistance.

It is possible for psyche to blame is easier than to make excuses, but expect clarification of consciousness from the rhetoric is not necessary. Character in “Minority report,” Steven Spielberg says: “people choose faith, faith chooses people.” Sometimes Hollywood will say something reasonable, but dominated by utopian and suicidal beliefs, and the reason they have little influence.

The best hope of liberal education, education. But colleges and universities successfully cope with the teaching of business and technology, and about the world and man give a distorted and dangerous view.

The Jews after the Charlottesville

The position of the Jews was even more complicated after the events in Charlottesville and all that followed. For all the differences, Jews United against neo-Nazism, Suprematism, the Ku Klux Klan. All these movements remain anti-Semitic, and there can be no compromise. But in addition to extremists, there are a wide range of those who care about the preservation of Jewish and Christian values, who cares about the fate of Western culture and lifestyle. They believe that multiculturalism, immigration, especially from Islamic countries, destroying the norms and conditions of life of the West. This is particularly evident in the universities from training programs, claiming multiculturalism with a clear priority to minority cultures, to physical pressure on supporters of the conservative values and traditions.

In the US there is no problem more complex than racial, ethnic. Here the results are often the opposite of intentions, a lot of irrational, mind control. When the question arises, who is to blame, it is pointless to look for an acceptable answer. Trump, racist (what?), inequality? Or liberalization of all aspects of social life, moral relativism? But today clearer what the real mood.

Many Jews have forgotten or don’t want to think about the lessons of history, the fate of his people. In the US, the Jews took an active part in the struggle for civil rights of African Americans, some paid for it with his life. Most of the Jews in solidarity with African Americans against the confederates and their historic monuments. The Jews support

affirmative action, which gives black a large advantage in learning, which actively serve Asians. Martin Luther king appreciated Jewish support. But Farakhan, Jesse Jackson, al Sharpton, the “Black life is important” a good word about the Jews said. Jewish liberals marching with posters “We love Muslims”, but don’t see reciprocity in the Muslim demonstrations.

At the same time in the Jewish community’s accusations of Israel are common. Harvard Professor Allan Dershowitz, himself a liberal, said recently: “Forward” published an article in the most incredible history of the Jewish media” – in this article, the American Zionist organization named in one row with Hizbullah, Hamas, Iran calling for the destruction of Israel. Angela Bugday, chief Rabbi of the Central synagogue in Manhattan, returned from another trip to Israel and shared his experiences with the congregation, namely: it is difficult to live in Israel, the Arabs, as they suffer from injustice. I would like a good heart and mind of Angela, if at least one Imam followed suit and publicly sympathized with the Israeli victims of Arab terror and hatred.

Rich Arab countries, the organizers of the boycott of Israel and criticism of the “Zionist lobby” spend huge amounts of money on Pro-Palestinian propaganda and demonization of the Jewish state and its supporters. But sometimes it seems that they would not bother – their work is successfully carrying liberals, including many American Jews. In European countries the Jews have got rid of the illusions, the hope that the benevolence and charity, you can improve relations. Recently, for a while they were in Paris, I conducted an experiment: got off the plane in the pile. Friends, met at the airport, responded: “are You crazy?!”. What else should American Jews for the enlightenment of consciousness?

The national Yiddish theater shows in the summer season at the Museum of Jewish heritage the old musical “America is the Golden land”. The huge Jewish immigration from around the world, the General attitude of “America is the best country for Jews, you can live freely and happily.” Cut off the sidelocks, shave their beards, instead of black lapserdaki flashy outfits, change their names and surnames, are attached through laughter and tears to a new life. Had to go through all the difficulties, sometimes tragedy, of adaptation, of anti-Semitic discrimination at work, school, life, but faith in America is justified.

Where are you and what Jewish happiness today?! How and when will be solved the “Jewish question”? Such as now, the explosion of anti-Semitism America did not know since the victory over fascism.

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