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Gadgets from “Apple” brand, is scheduled for 2021, will get a brand new screen will be a record fine.

There is information about the iPhone, which is scheduled for 2021. It is reported by Korean website ET News.

Sources claim that Apple has patented gadgets with the release of next year with an entirely new screen.

The company will stop the use of conventional OLED panels and replace them with screens with integrated touch layer.

At the moment OLED screens for the Apple gadgets is a thin layer that allows to recognize touch. The new displays will be initially equipped with the necessary sensors touch recognition that allows not to use a layer. This will make the display of the new iPhone slimmest.


Orders for the production of new panels will probably perform Samsung. Experts predict the price of iPhone 13 not expected to grow due to the use of display of a new type.

Earlier it was reported that Apple will be the power button with feedback. This technology can also appear in the iPhone 13. Also the Correspondent wrote that the iPhone 12 showed in the video.

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