The evacuation of thousands of people from shopping centers, schools, universities and administrations throughout Russia. What happens

Evacuation infrastructure in different cities of Russia is carried out EN masse on 10 September; the first was Omsk.

Evacuation of visitors of shopping centre “Mega” in Omsk, 11 September 2017. Community “Omsk VK” Vkontakte

In the evening of this day, in Russian single day of voting, the unknown reported that the administration of Omsk, where including is city election Commission mined. The police checked the building, but dangerous objects are not found. On the night of September 11, the police of the Omsk announced the mining of several movie theaters and shopping centers. Early in the morning of 11 September in the Omsk mayor’s office called again and said about the bomb. “I received a call. We’re evacuating people. This is not a drill,” — told Interfax in the city hall. A bomb in the building again was found. Also in Omsk was evacuated to major hotels, markets, offices of the Pension Fund of Russia and schools .

On 11 and 12 September due to an anonymous call of an evacuation conducted in several major cities of Russia. People were taken out of stations, schools, universities, administrations, shopping malls, cinemas across the country — in Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Bryansk, Chelyabinsk, Stavropol, Ufa, Magadan, Ryazan and other cities. In most cities citizens evacuated from many objects: for example, in Omsk — 56, in Stavropol — 42. According to reports from law enforcement agencies, all of the evacuation was carried out after calls about explosive devices in public places; they were reported to the police for more than eight hours.

The total number of evacuated people in Russian cities is still unknown, but only in Omsk it is reported seven thousand people. “We walked past the shopping center “Omsk”. Saw a bunch of people on the street. Someone just stood, someone then went about his business. It was a lot of security, police, stood an ambulance, fire truck. Approaches to TC were blocked by the signal tape to the roadway, were not allowed to go even on the porch,” said “the Medusa” a witness of the events Elizabeth.

Egor Samsonov, one of the evacuated from Ekaterinburg TTS “Greenwich”, told the “jellyfish” that the evacuation began at about 23.40. “Me and my girlfriend watched the movie “It”. And about halfway through the hall the guards came in and it is very strange said: “shopping centers are evacuated in connection with threat of a terrorist attack, everyone out”. It was more like a prank movie continued, and the guard left. My girlfriend and I got together and how everything, absolutely quietly got up and left. As he walked past the guards, I heard somewhere that it is mined. While left the cinema, people were quiet, talked only the guards and staff, but out on the street, everyone began to joke and talk about what happened. It’s a shame that because of these terrorists we are unable to watch an interesting movie,” — said Samsonov.

Evacuation facilities in the cities of Russia continues. On 12 September in Perm, where in the morning from different agencies evacuated about six thousand people, after several reports of bombs in schools canceled classes in all schools.

In the afternoon of 12 September in Moscow was held the evacuation of the Russian University of peoples ‘ friendship (RUDN). A source in the University said “the Medusa” that we are talking about a drill, hold once a semester.

Who is behind the hundreds of calls about bombs is unknown. In some cities, the Ministry official said that the evacuations fault telephone terrorists. For example, in the management of the Affairs of the Chelyabinsk region reported that the evening of 11 September the police for three hours has received about reports of suspicious objects. The caller used VoIP, stressed in the Department. Unofficially, the police said calls came from abroad and that it was a “planned action”. In Chelyabinsk convened extraordinary meeting of the antiterrorist Commission, has stepped up security and screening at the entrance to the popular venues of the city.

The Prosecutor’s office of Sevastopol brought criminal case on the fact of knowingly false reports about bombs.

In Bryansk, where evacuated people from shopping centers, events explained with exercises. “To avoid panic before the elections [on 10 September], the exercises planned for the next day”, — wrote the newspaper “Bryansk news” with reference to sources in law enforcement bodies. In Surgut, where also was held the evacuation, anti-terrorism exercises were held the FSB in the Tyumen region, where it is confirmed by the press service of the Ministry. “In a lot of people with guns in camouflage. On the road the brakes all in a row, blocked the road in a literal sense,” — say the locals.

Federal agencies refuse to explain what’s going on. The press service of EMERCOM of Russia “Medusa” stated that no exercises, the Agency now does not hold. The press service of the interior Ministry added that “I don’t know about the connection between drills and evacuations”. The FSB refused to comment on this topic.

This is not the first case when reports of possible attacks appear immediately in several cities. Jellyfish, in particular, talked in detail about the criminal case launched in 2016 after October 17, the administration of Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl and several other cities at once got an anonymous message about the impending explosions and terrorist attacks (they were all about).

In addition, there are cases when the “telephone terrorists” for a long time sought evacuations institutions in specific cities. So, in 2015, “telephone terrorists” from Ukraine more than six months called to the large shopping centres of St. Petersburg with false reports about bombs. They are for half a year demanded from the authorities of the city and the Leningrad region, and also from the shopping malls of money for the termination of calls. Whether their requirement is unknown, but the calls eventually stopped.

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