The European Union has launched a website for the information counter Russia

The foreign service of the European Union launched on Tuesday a new website for the information counter Russia in the framework of the campaign “against the EU disinformation.”

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“Today we are launching our new website www.euvsdisinfo.eu to provide you with a single source aimed at solving the problem of Pro-Kremlin disinformation,” reads the website.

The portal developed by the operational working group for strategic communications (StratCom East Task Force), created by the foreign service of the EU in March 2015. As they say on the website, he will provide, in particular, the interactive statistics, and the content in English, Russian and German.

Working group of the EU and the resolution of the EP

The European Union in March 2015, announced the creation of a team of specialists, which is “to counteract the distortion of information about the EU policy” in the Russian media space . Primarily the target audience of this structure was to become the countries of “Eastern partnership” of the EU — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

In November 2016, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution on the anti-propaganda of the third countries, including Russia. The document entitled “Strategic communication of the EU as a counter-propaganda of the third parties”, where among the threats are, in particular, the Russian media, was produced by Polish MP Anna Fotyga. According to her statement, Moscow allegedly “actively uses a wide range of tools, including special funds, multilingual TV channels, news agencies, social media and Internet trolls to attack Western values, disengagement in Europe, domestic support and creating a perception that the country’s (program) of the “Eastern partnership” are frustrated”.

The resolution specifically mentioned the RT, Sputnik Agency and the Foundation “Russian world” and Rossotrudnichestvo.

The Position Of Russia

Deputy head of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation on public projects Konstantin Dolgov, who previously held the post of Commissioner of the Russian foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, said that the draft resolution of the EP on the anti-propaganda of the third countries, including Russia, involves “discrimination and violation of international norms”. According to him, the Russian foreign Ministry will continue to raise this issue at the European level. Dolgov added that the answer the Russian media on such initiatives, the EP should be continued is objective and professional work, “what happens on a daily basis.”

Russia’s envoy to the EU Vladimir Chizhov also criticized the EU initiative: “within the Executive structures of the European Union creates a kind of “ideological forces” in the fight against windmills “Russian propaganda.”

The diplomat stressed that “Russophobia in the EU we are, of course, in different forms, have encountered before.” “Today, however, under the pretext of countering a non-existent “hybrid threats” attempts to literally erase from public consciousness the perception of Russia as an integral part of European civilization, not just to save Europe from certain death, to build between our peoples psychological wall of alienation and mistrust”, he said.

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