The establishment in Bosnia of Serbian “paramilitary group” linked with Russia

According to Bosnian publication, Serbian activists, led by “mercenaries who had undergone training in Russia,” create in Bosnia paramilitary. The Bosnian Minister said that the security services aware of this.

Photo: Photo: Žurnal

“Mercenaries, passed training in Russia”, allegedly helping to organize paramilitary units in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will obey the leader of the Bosnian Serbs. About it reports The Guardian with reference to the Bosnian Prosecutor’s office. The first reported local newspaper Žurnal.

On Tuesday, January 9, Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik held a parade of activists in Banja Luka, the administrative centre of Republika Srpska, an Autonomous region that is part of Bosnia. Žurnal reported that activists of the organization “Serbian honor” (“Srpska”), whose members allegedly got their training in the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center, are in the process of creation of paramilitary groups, which “will use against opponents Dodik” .

The edition published in his article pictures of activists on the streets of Banja Luka, where the members of the organization dressed in black sweaters, as well as photos of people in military uniform and weapons, which allegedly shows activists of “Serb honor.”

The publication claims that one of the leaders of the “Serb honor” Bojan Stojkovic, a former Serbian commando and a “passed training in Moscow.”

The Minister of security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Mektic told The Guardian that intelligence and security services of Bosnia are aware of the existence of such groups and their activities. “We use this information for many years, we have collected quite a lot of information about it,” said He, adding that he could not provide details. The Guardian described the response of Lectica as the confirmation of the information set out in article Žurnal.

Edition Žurnal argues that the formation of a new paramilitary group recruited people from the “criminal world”. Žurnal also with reference to the received document security writes that the assistants Dodik allegedly “discussed the objectives of the new military formation with the leaders of the “Serb honor”, including a possible intervention, if the opposition are going to disrupt the work of government [Republika Srpska]”.

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