Photo: AP a Dog saved a man from prison for 50 years

The animal became proof lies with the victim, who testified in court.

American Joshua Horner was jailed for 50 years for sexual assault, but from the time the man rescued the dog. This was reported by the New York Post.

Resident of the city of Redmond, Oregon, who worked as a plumber, was sentenced to 50 years in prison for sexual abuse of minors. The victim said in court that the man killed her dog Lucy, intimidating her and forcing them to have sex.

Almost a year a new district attorney John Hummel agreed to hear the arguments of Horner about his innocence. The man claimed that he didn’t kill the dog and asked to find the animal. The dog was a cross between a black Labrador and had distinctive features.

Lucy found in Portland alive and unharmed. This was evidence that the victim lied in court. Horner, who began to serve his term, was released, but it will consider again.

The Prosecutor stated that he could not deny the sexual abuse, but the victim refuses to cooperate with the police, do not come to the court and investigators.

Previously in Florida Fell from the boat, the dog sailed into a storm of five kilometers and alive made it to shore. Also the Correspondent wrote that the dog saved the cat from a fight and became a star Network.

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