The dispute Tesla will build the factory battery in 100 days

The dispute Tesla will build the factory battery in 100 days

The Era Of Elon Musk

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Recently it was reported the contract, which vividly recalls the times of Jules Verne and Phileas Fogg, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, about the era of bold engineering ideas and ambitious technical solutions, that the world is still interesting and it is worth living!

Remember how in the spring, Elon Musk said that Tesla may dispute for 100 days to build the plant-a battery is 100 megawatt-hours, which will solve the problems of energy supply of the state of South Australia?

So, an Australian businessman picked up the gauntlet and sent the Mask and Vice-President of Tesla the following tweet: “Lyndon and Elon, how seriously you say? If I can find the money for the project (and to negotiate with politicians), you will be able to guarantee 100 MW in 100 days?” 18 hours Elon said, “Tesla will install and run the system within one hundred days from the date of signing of the contract, and if not – the project at our expense. For you, is that serious enough?”.

On 29 September the Treaty was signed and the countdown of the hundred days. At the same time, Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia, approved the rules for the use of the incense and lamps in cerkvi

Batteries have confidently entered our everyday life, they are running my mower, blower to clean the sidewalk, the clipper, the car of the son-in-law, and now there are stations at many megawatt-hours, stored daily energy surplus and supply the whole city. The idea of the Mask is based and the message I’ve been waiting for a long time. In fact, if electric vehicles are steadily taking over the market, why not think about electrolinera?

British airline EasyJet plans to create a plane on batteries. The prototype will be to develop a newly formed American company Wright Electric, which has already collected double the battery aircraft. Battery (while the preference for a combination lithium-ion and aluminum-air battery, which should be half to two times more powerful than existing) will be powered turbofan engines.

As stated by CEO Carolyn McCall, aircraft with a capacity of 220 passengers can fly at the distance of 335 miles (540 km), i.e., it can be used on popular routes such as London – Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

But the Mask appeared more bold ideas – we are lucky to be contemporaries of a brilliant engineer and organizer of production! The day before the conclusion of the Australian contract, he, speaking in Adelaide at the 68th International Astronautical Congress, presented a draft of the transport system BFR (Big Falcon Rocket). It consists of a reusable super-heavy launch vehicle and vehicle for up to 120 people and is designed for near-earth flights, in particular, to the ISS, launches satellites and other spacecraft, and missions to the moon and Mars. On low reference orbit BFR is able to bring 150 tons on the first stage it is planned to establish 31 the engine of the Raptor.

The main purpose of Musk sees the colonization of Mars, and in 2022 with SpaceX BFR will send two trucks, and 2024-th, it is expected from four missions, two cargo and two manned. Musk also suggested to use BFR for passenger flights: a flight from new York to Shanghai is possible for 39 minutes, and to London for 29. The ticket price will be comparable to the Airbus A380.

Activity Mask makes him administrators. So, in September new York city following Berlin and Paris attended the electric cars mayor bill de Blasio signed a plan under which the city by 2020 will have a thousand new charging points. The program will cost the city Treasury of $10 million, but there is no doubt that the costs will pay off. “The future of the automotive industry for electricity,” — said the mayor.

Now in the big city only 307 charging stations and 526 old posts with anachronistic long charging time 8 hours – and only 16 new high-speed. City hall hopes that the development of their network already by 2025, every fifth car in the city will be electric.

By the way, it would be necessary to look at the city hall to the initiative of Montreal. The local mayor’s office a year ago has set the task to remove from the streets petrol taxi and intends to 2019 to bring the taxis Park up to 2,000 cars. An agreement was signed with the company Teeth and last November in a test trip on the streets the first 50 machines and was opened set of 500 drivers. March began commercial operation. The fleet consists of Nissan LEAF and Kia Souls, but will also buy a dozen presentable black “Tesla S”.

Curiously, we are witnesses at the rebirth of the electric car. In the picture of the new York electric charging stations 1909 visible fully tested design and a lot of cars to charge. Then mayor, George McClellan, Jr., was a fan of technical innovations, initiated the construction of the Manhattan and Queensboro bridges, it has commissioned the first metro line and he personally ran the train at the opening ceremony. Known, however, and the fact that in December, 1908, protecting the morals of the citizens, ordered to cancel the license of all cinema new Yorka

Not diesel, steam and electric cars beat the speed records in the late XIX and early XX century, had many advantages over gasoline and was considered the most practical. The electric car is first to break the 100-kilometer speed barrier – in 1899, and the record for distance driven on a single charge was set by the car company Borland Electric, drove 167 miles from Chicago to Milwaukee and the next day returned to Chicago, demonstrating the best average speed 55 km per hour.

Of cars produced in the U.S. in the first quarter of the twentieth century, 38% had electric motors, 40% steam and only 22% – petrol. But then gasoline prices have fallen, there was a electric starter, Ford brought down the price of cars and eventually electric cars for a long time disappeared from the scene.

The interest is periodically awakened, but the large-scale production is not ended until the end of the century appeared lithium-ion batteries. Musk was smart enough to put them on wheels, and in 2008 his company, Tesla Motors started the production of the electric sports car Tesla Roadster, not inferior in handling characteristics of a normal car.

In that time it has developed a set of conditions for the revival of the electric car: there are light and capacious battery, oil prices reached fantastic heights and, most importantly, came on stage Masks! In the end, the rapid development of the industry, the number of electric vehicles is growing in the world, surpassing all expectations and has already exceeded two million. In a joint study by Imperial College London and the Carbon Tracker Initiative States that by 2035, one-third of all vehicles on the planet will be represented by electric vehicles, and after 2050 – already more than two thirds.

It should be noted that neighboring new York state canadian province Quebec force events in that direction and began to define sales quotas! This year among all models in 2018 (they have entered the local market in April), the share of all-electric, hybrids and hydrogen should be at least 3.5%, and by 2025, increase to 15.5%.

Not all administrative pressure like. “Too aggressive policy”, – says the President of the Association of Global Automakers of Canada David Adams, and predicts that manufacturers will just put fewer cars, thereby increasing demand and, consequently, prices. The demand for electric cars is growing, but selling them in Quebec is not more than 1%, and the average for Canada is about 0.5%.

“Not too realistic spur thus buyers, who themselves will choose according to their needs what is appropriate for them”, – said the chief economist of the canadian automobile dealers Association Michael Hutch. “Look at Ontario or British Columbia. Sales of electric cars grow there, without any special laws,” echoing George Saratlic from General Motors. And so, operate in Ontario provincial rebate of up to $14,000 that the effectiveness of any security measures, whereas in Quebec, the rebates are $8000, and in British Columbia – $5000.

Tell them that companies that fail to meet these conditions, can buy the right to supply those companies able to deal with them. The more that manufacturers are increasing production of electric vehicles and Chevrolet is in addition to the model new Volt – Bolt, Chrysler Pacifica is now available in the Windsor (Ontario) with a hybrid power plant, and Ford in General promises by 2020 to introduce 13 new electric vehicles. They are joined by firms producing prestigious, expensive brands.

Well, if you really slow and quite conservative Canada is taking serious steps for the development of the industry, America to be left behind as worthless. Moreover, the origins of this industry she was. Although, of course, the main merit of this Elon musk and thanks to him, new ideas of using batteries, development of new missiles and ships, new transport system. We have to admit that the role of personality in history is very significant.

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