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Arrested in USA Russian woman in detail described your life

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As expected, the opponents of Donald trump hastened to spoil the effect of his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. In the United States struck a new spy case: arrested beauty-student Maria Butina that the U.S. justice Department accused of espionage in favor of Russia. Externally Butina is not inferior to Anna Chapman. But, unlike the case of Chapman and Co., activity of Butynol in the United States no longer was a secret.

Maria in the dash. Source – Facebook Butinai.

Mary Butina, a student of 29 years (she studied in the United States in international relations) detained in Washington. Accusation: sold together with the “official Russian” the plan to use American politicians in the interests of Russia.

If you examine the page Butynol in the social network, it becomes clear: no secret she’s from their contacts in the United States did not. What’s more — happy to post articles by the American media with references about yourself – the article said about “suspicious ties” between Russians and Americans.

“My dad is a hunter”

Here’s what he told himself Maria Butina.

She studied in the Altai, at the local University, at the faculty of political Sciences, graduating with honors in 2010. While still a student, isralis in the OP of the Altai territory.

“In the second year of study I began to engage in social activities – club organized a debate, participated in election campaigns, and then became the youngest student in Russia, which was elected to the Public chamber and was trusted to lead the press office,” wrote Maria.

After graduating, Butina moved to Moscow. But first she created a business selling furniture on the credit taken in Bank. Two years later she had a network of seven stores. The rest of my life girls came an unexpected turn, which she described rather vague. Because “all life is concentrated in Moscow,” Mary sold the business and went to the capital, “into the unknown”.

After that, Butina became famous as the head of public organization “Right to arms” – she was very active, advocating for the freedom of Russians to purchase weapons and giving interviews as an expert TV channels. His sympathy for “the trunks,” the girl explained this way: “I since the early childhood I learned to shoot, my dad’s a hunter, and he instilled in me and my sister love to arms”.

Maria became a special assistant to the Chairman of the Central Bank Alexander Torshin. Torshin until 2015 was a Senator from Mari El, and later became Chairman of the Central Bank. In April of this year he was included in the sanctions list of the USA.

Torshin is included in the Board of Trustees of the Russian practical shooting Federation, and is also a life member of the National rifle Association USA (NRA). The second and last person with this status from Russia — Maria Butina.

Today in NRA (USA) I know only 2 persons from the Russian Federation with the status of “life member” Maria Butina and me. C than I, and congratulations!)

— A. P. Torshin (@torshin_ru) November 9, 2016

Back in 2011, Torshin fought for the right to own military weapons for all Russians and drafted a bill. Interestingly, in the early 2010s, some Russian media even accused Torshin’s “work for Americans” and lobbying of the NRA.

During the presidential campaign, trump the NRA spent on support of about $ 30 million.

In “Right to arms” Butenai created with the support Torshina, over time, had accumulated 10,000 members of the 77 regions, the organization connectional with similar communities in different countries — from America to Italy.

“Huge and small small world!”

In August 2016 Maria Butina went to study in a University in Washington, DC. She was given a student visa.

Of course, Maria traveled to the US before.

For example, three years ago in South Dakota she was reading “a motivational lecture” for students Republicans in the summer camp – “guys, interested in politics”. Butina explained his visit this way: she was invited by local political activists, she spoke about the right to arms in Russia and gave useful tips on how to get ahead in life.

Butina has published part of his lecture. “I was a travel Manager, soap dishes, worked as a Manager in the company for garbage collection, wrote articles, worked on TV, handing out leaflets”, – she spoke of early in his career.

Regarding the right to arms Maria was telling Americans to buy weapons, Russia needs a large list of documents, everything is regulated, including the number of “stems”. And no amendments to the Constitution similar to the us, which is unfair. Remember Butina and that her “Right to arms” was coined in the restaurant “Rake” in Moscow, “a group of like-minded people”…

In 2015, according to the newspaper “Time”, Butina and Torshin was in Tennessee and collected funds in favor of the Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker.

Maria Butina flew to Las Vegas and one of the first events of the presidential campaign, trump asked him a question about the possibility of removing Russia from American sanctions. Trump answered diplomatically: “I don’t think you need sanctions.”

In 2016, Mary traveled extensively in the States, for example, visited in Florida, where plenty of shooting with the owner of one of the largest American companies for the sale of arms by Frank Garcia.

By the way, a few months earlier, a delegation headed by the first Vice-President of the NRA by Peter BROWNELLS (the group was the Sheriff of Milwaukee County David Clarke) went to Moscow, where he met with activists of the “Right to arms”. “How big and at the same time, small small world!” – said on this occasion Butina.

In February 2017 Butina attended the National prayer Breakfast, where he performed with Donald trump. There came a delegation from Russia, consisting of 16 people, headed by Torshin. It also included representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. “Trump is important for moral support,” explained this action of Mary.

Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin’s Prayer Breakfast with the participation of trump. Source account Butinai Vkontakte.

“Was dressed as Rasputin”

In late winter-spring 2017 American media — particularly the Washington post, Time magazine and “the daily best” – published article about the relations of American conservatives with the Russians. Mary Butina was one of the main characters of these publications.

The journalists wrote that Butina “created a joint business with the activist Republican party Paul Erickson — Bridges company, LLC, which is engaged in who knows what”. Ericsson as and Butina, and Torshin is a life member of the National rifle Association of the United States.

Butina was familiar with Erickson since at least 2013. In 2014, she announced on the social network the arrival of Erickson in Russia on a meeting with activists of the “Right to arms”: “Paul — member delegation from the United States at the II Congress of the movement “Right to arms” in 2013. Republican. Your first shot made at the age of 8 years. There are more than 15 different weapons, including modifications of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

In professional activities he was a consultant in 6 presidential campaigns and has also worked in the White House with President Ronald Reagan. The main profile of business is the urban construction in the United States and in other countries (particularly in Afghanistan within the framework of the program of reconstruction of villages). Is the owner of two studios in Los Angeles and new York.

Christian. Fond of airplanes and skiing”.

But back to the articles of American journalists Democrats. They followed the discussion of “relations with the Kremlin” that Erickson allegedly tried to establish for trump. Arguments, however, was a little — used even information about the party on the occasion of the birthday of Butynol where she was in the costume of Empress Alexandra, and was the owner of the suit Rasputin.

Then the attack continued on the rise. Democrats from the U.S. Senate initiated an investigation in order to establish “relations of Russia with the National rifle Association of America to support the presidential campaign of trump.” The attention they focused on Butynol, Erickson and former head of the NRA David Keene. The senators requested all three readings and was refused.

Maria Butina belonged to what is happening with humor — she had been posting articles about themselves in social networks and showed no intent to leave the United States to study. According to the allegations, she said, speech can be conducted only about the commonality of moral values — the Russians, traditionalists and American conservatives a lot in common.

Butino detained, using the article “the Conspiracy to work for a foreign government without registering under the Ministry of justice”. Maria was taken to the court of the district of Columbia and upheld the detention until Wednesday, June 18 — the date of the scheduled a new court hearing. American lawyer Butinai called the charges exaggerated.

The Russian Embassy in the United States is seeking access to detained — bye to him failed.

Alexander Torshin has so far refrained from commenting about the detention of Maria Butunoi — recent post to his verified Twitter account dedicated to the Day of naval aviation of the Russian Navy.

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