The Czechs on the attack Femen: Zeman did not expect that the brightest sexual experience in his life will be at the polling station

The Czechs on the Femen attack on Zeman: an Obvious attempt of rape of the President

Photo: EPA

The attack of the Ukrainian Topless activists of Femen movement Angelina Dias on the incumbent Czech President Milos Zeman at a polling station was for the Czechs the occasion for numerous jokes. This was told by the student in master degree at Charles University of Prague Ukrainian Radko Mokrik in Facebook.

“Yesterday’s situation with Femen already dismantled for memes and jokes. “Today Zeman can participate in the campaign MeToo (hashtag that spread on social media in October 2017, emphasizing the condemnation of sexual violence and harassment – “GORDON”)”; “an Obvious attempt to rape the President”; “Zeman, apparently, did not expect that the most exciting sexual experience of his life will occur at the polling station,” he said.

The Ukrainian added that the Czechs rejoice and give thanks for what the world will now pay attention to their elections.

“Well, you say that the Russians are interfering in foreign elections. In fact – interfering with Ukrainian women! And beautiful!”; “Say Zeman could be a heart attack? Today I go to vote – and I was on the site too to organize such a sorry state?” – quoted Mokrik a few comments on the Czechs.

Чехи – народ з почуттям гумору. Вчорашню ситуацію з Фемен вже розібрали на меми і анекдоти :)«Від сьогодні Земан може …

Posted by Radko Mokryk on Saturday, January 13, 2018

12 Jan Femen activist with the inscription on the naked breast “Zeman – Putin’s whore” held a protest at a polling station in the Czech Republic, where the presidential election voted for the current President.

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish called unacceptable the incident with the activist of Femen.

Dias was detained for 48 hours. The activist declared suspicion in Commission of crime under article “hooliganism”. Soon she must appear before the court.

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