The crash of An-148 in the suburbs: the investigation identified four main versions of the disaster

A day later, after the fall of the An-148 aircraft, the investigation identified four main versions of the disaster — the lack of icing, technical failure of the aircraft, pilot error and terrorist attack.

At the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow lit the lamp 71 in memory of those killed in the crash. Photo: Vladislav Shatilo, RBC

Monday, February 12, on a place of wreck of plane An-148 of “Saratov airlines” in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region continued operation on search of bodies of victims and the work of the Commission for the investigation of the incident.

Rescuers found nearly 500 of the wreckage and more than 1.4 thousand fragments of bodies of victims. Surveyed almost 30 hectares. Search operation continues. They involve more than 1,000 people and over 200 pieces of equipment.

About the plane crash in a single dispatching service Ramenskoye district on Sunday, February 11, said an eyewitness . The plane took off from Domodedovo airport flight 6W 703 Moscow — Orsk and disappeared from radar. On Board were 71 people, including three children, and six crew members.

The staff of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), which collect evidence in a criminal case opened under part 3 St. 263 criminal code (Violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons), study the files of the radio dispatch and the aircraft commander, electronic record measurements of the radar flight, as well as the results of the analysis of seized samples of fuel. In the case there is documentation about the training of pilots and condition of the aircraft, “Saratov airlines”.

RBC figured out what questions have to first find answers to the operational headquarters of the investigation.

Whether treatment of aircraft deicing fluid?

As a priority the version that the plane before take-off has not passed processing by de-icing fluid. The source of RBC familiar with the investigation, said that the decision on the use of reagents is made by the commander of the crew. You know, said the interlocutor of RBC that the An-148 came from Saratov, Parking aircraft in Domodedovo lasted two hours. The source of RBC in the operational headquarters of the investigation says that the pilot refused to hold icing. Statement of refusal to undergo treatment taken effect at Domodedovo airport, said the interlocutor of RBC. The representative of Domodedovo has refused to comment on the RBC before the announcement of the official results of the investigation, processed the plane in a special liquid.

“The crew might well decide not to “pour” it can be if, for example, is a dry snow,” — told RBC current pilot of the An-148 Alexey Emelyanov. Airlines for each flight from Domodedovo without the use of reagents allows you to save € 2250, he says. When the air temperature to 10 degrees below zero, many pilots prefer not to handle the plane. “But if the plane gets into the snow front, you can stick the stabilizer, which leads to failure of the control system,” explains the pilot.

Chief specialist of the Moscow weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova told RBC that the nearest meteorological station to the site of the crash in Ramenskoye district near Moscow is Domodedovo. According to the website “the weather,” licensed for meteorological research, February 11 in the area of Domodedovo at 15.00, the temperature was minus 4.9 degrees and a light breeze 5 m/s. atmospheric pressure was equal to 765,9 mm. “continuous moderate Snow. Layered torn or broken Cumulus clouds”.

Was serviceable aircraft?

An-148 developed by the design Bureau im. Antonov’s. Fallen in Moscow airliner, judging by the flight number RA-61704, was produced in Russia; this site “Saratov airlines” saying that he is of Ukrainian origin. Released in 2010 the aircraft was taken to the sublease for five years with the airline “Russia” in the Park “Saratov airlines”, he entered in February 2017.

The source of RBC familiar with the investigation, reported that crashed in Ramenskoye district Board in 2016 passed the maintenance work. “Was checked all the basic components, mechanisms and electronics An-148”, — said the source. In “the Saratov airlines” said that in January of 2018, the aircraft tested including engine, airframe and wing. The day of the crash, the aircraft made three flights.

Previously RBC reported that the experts of rostransnadzora in 2015 found a violation, which made “Saratov airlines” in the operation of wrecked aircraft: equipment not complied with the frequency of oil changes in gearboxes and frequency of filter wash the air starter.

Pilot Alexey Emelyanov does not preclude loss of control due to technical failure of the An-148. The aircraft commander did not report on an emergency situation, it is clear that everything developed very quickly, suggests in a conversation with RBC, honored pilot of Russia Vladimir Romanenko.

To draw conclusions will be possible after decoding “black boxes”, said the former President and General designer of the aviation enterprise “Antonov”, which created An-148 Dmitry Kiva. In his opinion, the aircraft was designed to insure the equipment from pilot error. The plane was designed and produced in accordance with the “latest international standards”. Technical equipment of the aircraft, especially the control system, provide a duplication of functions, asserts in a conversation with RBC Kiva: in case of failure of one driven by the other, said the designer.

As reported by the interstate aviation Committee (MAK), which investigates the circumstances and causes of the disaster, both recorder “have strong damage, but, according to preliminary data, suitable for interpretation”.

Was the cause of the accident crew error?

Another source of RBC familiar with the investigation, said that the level of training of pilots of the fallen plane no doubt. “The commander of the An-148 Valery Gubanov had a total flight time of more than 5 thousand hours, more than 2 thousand hours, he flew on the An-148 aircraft,” — said the source. “2 thousand hours is a lot, a year now the pilot has to fly about 400 hours. The commander had good training in control of the aircraft,” — said RBC pilot Alexey Emelyanov. The second pilot Sergey Ghambaryan had 812 hours of flight on the An-148, said the airline.

According to the designer Dmitry Kiva, the previous catastrophe associated with the An-148, occurred in the result of pilot error. In 2011 in the Belgorod region the plane crashed Voronezh airline. “It was a test flight in which the pilot was speeding, and the plane literally fell apart in the air,” — said the designer.

Was aboard the attack?

Investigators are checking the version of a terrorist act, but it is in no way confirmed. “Experts-vzryvotehniki have not found microparticles of explosives on the wreckage of the aircraft,” — said RBC a source familiar with the case. The representative of the RCDS Svetlana Petrenko February 12, stated that at the time of falling of the plane “was in integrity, without the fire, the explosion occurred after his fall”, in fact, calling into question the version of the attack.

Russian-Ukrainian product

An-148 — short-haul regional jet, was developed by the Ukrainian design Bureau named after Oleg Antonov and produced at the state enterprise “Antonov” since 2004. In Russia these airplanes Ukrainian license makes the Voronezh aircraft plant (VASO). The first flight of an aircraft assembled in Russia was in 2009.

According to VASO, just Russia produced 29 aircraft An-148 family. The main operators of the An-148 in Russia are the Ministry of defense, Ministry of emergency situations and special flight detachment “Russia”. In commercial operation, these aircraft are only “Saratov airlines” (five boards) and Angara (five sides).

According to the developer of the aircraft, the design provides “significantly higher level of protection of engines and wings from damage with foreign objects”.

According to “Antonov”, An-148 can be driven safely in poor equipped, pebble, ground, prepared ice-and snow-covered runways.

Ukraine has appointed an authorized representative and advisers to participate in the investigation of the crash of aircraft An-148 in the suburbs.

Carrier history

The airline “Saratov airlines” was established in 1994 as a result of corporatization of the state enterprise “the Saratov United squadron”. By the end of 2017, the airline took 19-th place among all Russian carriers by number of passengers carried (796,4 thousand). In November last year, the CEO of the airline was issued the Prosecutor’s view, the basis for which was numerous flight delays. To add to your air fleet aircraft an-148 “Saratov airlines” began at the end of 2016. Then it was reported that thus the company intends to replace the outdated Yak-42.

According to SPARK, 55,55% of JSC “Saratov airlines” owned by LLC “Soyuz invest”, the sole owner of which is businessman Arkady Evstafiev. He is also General Director of ZAO “Investment holding “Energy Union”, which belongs to another 26,63% stake in the airline.

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