The collapse calculations on subsidies ends: the Finance Ministry has found a way

Associations of tenants allowed to close the special account in the Treasury

Author of the photo: Sergey Nikolaev, “Today”

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has reached a compromise with representatives of associations of condominiums (ajoah) and housing construction cooperatives (HBC) on the monetization of subsidies.

As the press service of the government, issues Treasury bills, which was blocked calculations on subsidies will be solved. So, open the Treasury, special accounts of condominiums to receive benefits and subsidies will be closed, leaving only a current account in the banks.

In addition, until the end of February will be charged the issue of debt, promised in the Cabinet. Debts for compensation of benefits and subsidies for 2017 will be redeemed on the current account of the ajoah and HBC.

Also, the Ministry of Finance and representatives of condominiums and HBC agreed that the monetization of benefits and subsidies must be entered “backdating” since January, with the actual payment of funds from April in the case of adoption of the relevant draft decision at the government meeting.

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