The city Council did not support the renaming of streets in Moscow, Peoples ‘ Friendship Boulevard and the Avenue of Heroes of Stalingrad

Prospect Heroes of Stalingrad was not the prospect of Vladimir ivasyuka

Photo: kmr.gov.ua

The deputies of Kyiv city Council at the meeting on 12 October are unable to rename a Moscow street in Pechersk district, Peoples ‘ Friendship Boulevard and prospect Heroes of Stalingrad , the correspondent of “GORDON”.

For the corresponding resolution voted 60 deputies at the minimum required 61.

The paper proposed to adopt the following renaming:

  • street of Moscow – in the street Dmitry Gudzenko,
  • the Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples – the Boulevard of Mykola Mikhnovsky,
  • the Geroyev Stalingrad Avenue in the prospect of Vladimir ivasyuka
  • the street Gaidar street Family prahovei,
  • Novorossiyskaya street – in the street Opressovkoy,
  • street Alexandra Horowitz – in the street Vasily Barca
  • the street Petrovsky – street Vasily Bearing,
  • street tropinina – street Agubekovskaya,
  • lane Michael Reut in the lane Pamby Beryndy.

Deputies from “Freedom” for the second time blocked the rostrum, after which the meeting of city Council was closed.

First time voting for the renaming of these streets scored 56 votes. Then Svoboda blocked the rostrum and the Cabinet Secretary announced a break for consultations of leaders of fractions.

“Freedom” demanded that the street was renamed Moscow in the street Dmitry Gudzenko and Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples – the Boulevard of Mykola Mikhnovsky.

Gazenko, with the call sign “Godzilla” died March 31, 2016, the day before his battalion was to withdraw from the zone of the antiterrorist operation in the Donbas. 21 March 2017, the President of Ukraine signed the order about rewarding of Gozenko the order “For courage” III degrees.

Mikhnovsky was a political and public figure of late XIX — early XX century, one of the founders of Ukrainian nationalism.

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