The budget for 2018. What Ukraine will spend a trillion

The budget of Ukraine to 2018: key figures

The Cabinet has budgeted a growth of the Ukrainian economy.

Budget of Ukraine on December 7 on the agenda in Parliament. MPs in the second reading consider about 40 documents.

The Cabinet, meanwhile, has published an infographic that shows you what to spend the budget in 2018.

Among the priorities of the budget in 2018 is economic growth, strengthen the defense, build roads, and decentralization.

The main figures of the budget of Ukraine 2018

The budget assumes that income will be 913,6 billion, which is 18.5 percent more than this year.

However, the costs will be higher – 988,6 billion UAH; last year spending was less by 17.5 percent.

The deficit budget of 81.8 billion, or 2.4 percent of GDP , and public debt of nearly two trillion hryvnia hryvnia or 60 percent of GDP. In 2017, the national debt was at 63 percent of GDP.

The dollar

In the state budget-2018 the Cabinet predusmotrivaet the weakening of the average exchange rate to 29.3 hryvnia per dollar. In this year’s budget was laid in the course of 27.2 hryvnia per dollar.

Sources of income

The main sources of replenishment of the budget of Ukraine remain the value added tax, individual income and excise taxes.

Thus, in the new draft budget also indicates that about $ 150 million will be received as a result of the special confiscation of property of former high-ranking officials.

Priorities. What and how much the government spends

The budget includes 46,7 billion hryvnias for the road Fund, two billion hryvnia for energy efficiency, 7.7 billion to support agriculture, 2.9 billion to support the coal industry.

In addition, the defense and the security provided was 165.3 billion UAH 28.8 billion more than this year.

For centralized purchase of medicines and therapeutic food laid 5,9 billion hryvnias. Another billion will go to local budgets for reimbursement of the cost of certain medications.

Also, 14 billion hryvnia provided for education. Main article – raising the salaries of teachers.

The budget for 2018 includes:

The increase from 1 January the minimum wage to 3 723 UAH subsistence minimum up to 1 700 UAH (1 July – 1777 hryvnia, from December 1 – UAH 1853).

Real GDP growth at the level of three percent, the consumer price index will be 109 percent, the unemployment rate is 9.1 percent.

The amount of taxes directed to the Pension Fund – to 139.3 billion.

Learn more about budget 2018 in the infographic:

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