Russian awaiting test of the B sample to a competent laboratory.

WBA Welterweight champion Aleksandr Besputin commented on his charges of doping.

“Has not yet passed the investigation to the end not understood, and in the media give information that I failed a doping test. Very frustrating to read such. I want to say that we did not use any drugs, I’m clean! I think in this plan I am sure.

In the letter from the lab was written: “abnormal test result”. And there was written: “failure.” Now my representatives, in particular, a lawyer involved in all this situation. I have a bad feeling from this situation. I took the same test during training in the US for a month before the fight and it was all fine.

We consulted and learned that this drug can get through food or supplements. Also, the autopsy doping tests there are mistakes, and I’m waiting for the test of the B sample to a competent laboratory. For example, in the United States. After all, experts in Monte Carlo could make a mistake.

And I would like to see after checks and all proceedings, when, hopefully, everything will fall into place, all the people who organize public attacks on me, also publicly apologized to me! Peace to all! Be good!” – quotes athlete RIA Novosti

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