The battery in the alarm clock worked for 13 years

The battery in the alarm clock worked for 13 years

7 Aug 2017 09:34, views: 691

Living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh (PA), Jerry Lynn 13 years ago, spending their forces reconstruction of the house, accidentally dropped my alarm clock in the space between the walls. In the fall of 2004, Lynn had set the alarm clock for 10 minutes and brought it down on the splits to the ventilation duct on the second floor. The idea was that when the alarm clock down on the first floor in the living room and will give a signal that Lynn will be able to drill a hole in the wall for connection to a TV. But the clock somehow got rid of the twine and get them was almost impossible – except to destroy the wall of the living room. Since 13 years, every day at 6:50 PM behind the wall sounded the alarm. At first, Lynn decided that the batteries in the alarm will last for three to four months, but the forecast did not come true – the clock continued to beep. In June, a local TV channel showed a report about the alarm clock, which saw the company specializing in the installation of heating systems, and decided to help. Using the camera was able to determine where the alarm clock and was able to retrieve through a hole made in the wall. AA battery behind the clock, oxidized, but continued to work.

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