The avant-garde of old and new

The avant-garde of old and new

“The next wave” BAM

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September 14, the Brooklyn Academy of music opened a new festival “the Next wave” tour of the famous “Tantsteatra Wuppertal”, long known as the Theatre of Pina Bausch.

A scene from “Richard III”

More than 36 years, since 1973, Pina Bausch (1940 — 2009) created their masterpieces here and sharpened his unique style in which theatre and dance, fantasy and harsh psychological realism were inseparable, dancers were monologues or shouting the phrase, laughed and cried, swam in the aquarium and climbed the mountains of red carnations and all together talked about their world, where man is vulnerable as never before and desperately looking for love, but rarely finds it. In 1984 the company debuted in new York, at BAM, as one of those companies that the festival “Next wave” discovered America. And not just opened: the company returned to the stage of the BAM 14.

This time without Bausch, but her favorite creations: one of the best in the history of the interpretations of the “sacred Spring” by Stravinsky with 32 participants (“the starting point of the music. It is so feelings – it is constantly changing. And it is a lot of fear. I thought: how can you dance knowing you will die?” – said Bausch) and the autobiographical “Cafe Muller” for six dancers. At the time, the main role in it played itself Bausch, and fragments from the play many remember the Almodovar film “Talk to Me”. Performances will take place on September 24.

The repertoire of the upcoming festival, which runs until mid-December, there are still a few companies and Directors open the festival and returning with new works. So, the Director Emmanuel Demarcy Mota (“Rhinos” and “Six characters in search of an author”), this time together with the Paris Thйвtre de la Ville will show “State of Siege” (the Siege) –the author’s adaptation of the famous novel of albert Camus “the Plague”.

Choreographer, writer, Director bill Jones will show his latest work, “Letters to his nephew,” the autobiographical collage, a kind of series of postcards from Europe, for nine dancers. German Director Thomas Ostermeier will present its interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Richard III”.

Another favorite of new York, the Dutchman Ivo van Hove brought his troupe Toneelgroep Amsterdam performance of “The Fountainhead” (Source), extremely popular and generated a controversial novel by American writer Ayn Rand (born in St. Petersburg, Alisa Rosenbaum) about the brilliant and uncompromising architect-individualist. As composer, playwright, designer and circus performer James Thierry, coming to BAM for the sixth time, will present “not a show but a mass hallucination,” according to the London “guardian”, with “stunning visual images, captivating music and the spirit of the exciting acrobatics”. This surreal fairy tale called La grenouille avait raison(“the Toad knew”).

There is, however, a lot of debuts. One of the most sensational – appearance of the well-known French theater and Opera Director Olivier PY, Director of the Avignon theatre festival, the solo performance concert “Adieux de Miss Knife,” where is he – in the guise of the diva of chanson and cabaret miss knife, boa and jewels, will perform songs of Stephen Leach for their own poems. This is the singing alter ego of 52-year-old filmmaker born in 1996, but a new York lady has not yet seen.

In a very different way solved two unusual, effectively conceived and delivered an Opera associated with the American story: “my Lai” (featuring Kronos Quartet and performers on traditional Vietnamese instruments) a musical monodrama Jonathan Berger, in which the dying officer Hugh Thompson remembers the massacre of American soldiers with residents of the village of my Lai in March 1968, an involuntary witness to whom he began, but stopped that could not (though managed to save about ten Vietnamese), and “The Crossing” (“Crossing”), Matthew Okaina Opera staged by Diane Paulus, chief Director of Boston’s American Repertory Theater, inspired by the poems and the diary of Walt Whitman, which he led during the Civil war.

Calling here is less than half of performances, concerts, lectures, and events in the next three months can be seen to go through three stages of BAM, urge the reader to go over the details on the website BAM.org and for the tickets in cash, Recalling that the performances tend to go only a few times.

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