The anti-terrorist operation in Barcelona: from the Sagrada Familia evacuated people

In Barcelona, on 12 September, the police conducted anti-terrorist operation near the Sagrada Familia, inform the police on Twitter.

Photo: Reuters

During the operation, the evacuated people out of the temple. The police checked a van parked nearby. The area was cordoned off, to the place of profit sappers.

Security reasons, police evacuated people from nearby shops and blocked leading to Church road.

As a result, experts have not found dangerous substances in the van, the alarm was false, said the police.

Earlier it was reported that the suspects of involvement in the terrorist attacks in Catalonia was preparing a terrorist attack in the Sagrada Familia (Sagrada Familia) in Barcelona.

We will remind, on August 17, the van ran over pedestrians in Barcelona. A few hours later a group of terrorists attempted a similar attack in the resort of the Catalan town of Cambrils. The victims were 15 people, more than 130 injured . Responsibility for the attack claimed by the group “Islamic state”.

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