Test Porsche Cayenne third generation

Test Porsche Cayenne

Going to Crete to experience the new Cayenne, of course, we know that it is built on the MLB platform, which has formed the basis of crossover Bentley Bentayga and the Audi Q7.

And, therefore, not surprised nor 48-volt onboard power supply or active stabilizer bars or thruster rear suspension.


It really is a new Cayenne? Front to distinguish it from its predecessor is almost impossible, we have to look at the details. But from the stern – no doubt! – new. But why? The designers say they wanted to emphasize continuity. What to emphasize? The front part of the most Porsche does not radically change over the decades. But the narrow rear lights and connecting them led to the stroke, like new Panamera is the current style of Porsche.



Inside the center console is a 12.3-inch touchscreen, and front of the driver only one analog instrument is the tachometer. On either side of him – a seven-inch displays, information on which can be configured as desired. For example, the activity of the responses of the engine and transmission, damping and even raising the height of the spoiler. The steering wheel is located a rotary washer-enabling modes, Sport and Sport Plus. Seat – with adjustable lateral support and the seat back and cushion. If you turn the engine off, the grip weakens and the “ears” of the seat apart. Climate control four-zone. For four of the five chairs has not only heated but also ventilated. I liked that button in the trunk stationary Cayenne can be “brought down” to facilitate loading.


In motion

Despite the fact that the MLB platform implies that the engine in the front overhang, the front end does not seem peretyagina: rolls and demolition, he does not provoke. First, the center of mass is now below. Second, the new electro-mechanical stabilizer instantly responds to lateral acceleration. Finally, the curb weight Turbo has managed to reduce 10 kg, and Cayenne and Cayenne S was better at 55 and 65 kg, respectively.


We’ve tested both versions produce exactly the passenger experience. But this does not mean that Cayenne lost off-road talents. Torque applied to the rear wheels and the front is connected electronically controlled clutch packages of “wet” clutch. Now the clutch is joined with the housing of the eight-speed hydromechanical automatic ZF, which replaced the Japanese Aisin. Why not robotic PDK, both on the same Panamera? Because off-road ambitions: to peresechenke it is important to measure the thrust smoothly, and the fluid mechanics for this could not be better.


Ukrainian sales of the SUV have already begun. There are three versions: Cayenne and Cayenne S with the six-cylinder turbo engine capacity of 340 and 440 HP respectively, as well as the Cayenne Turbo with a 550-horsepower V8 engine.

More information and photos here.

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