Szijjártó called the condition under which Hungary will unlock the cooperation between Ukraine and NATO

To Hungary lifted the veto, Ukraine should “refrain from the beginning of the implementation of the education Act”

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siarto. Photo: AFP

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary péter Szijjártó said that Hungary will not abandon its current policy in relation to Ukrainian law on education no legal guarantee, and put forward requirements to the Ukraine. About this Siarto said at a press conference in Budapest on 12 February.

The Minister called the veto NATO “the only instrument by which it can protect the Transcarpathian Hungarians and to force Ukraine to act in accordance with international standards.”

“NATO planned to hold a meeting of defense Ministers of the NATO-Ukraine 14-15 February that Hungary had vetoed, and, accordingly, the NATO Secretary General informed the member States that the meeting will not take place” – said Siyyarto press.

“Although they tried to put pressure on Hungary, so we can not use its veto power, the country withstood these efforts, because it is the duty of the Hungarian foreign policy aimed at protecting the Hungarians, wherever they live,” – said the Hungarian foreign Minister.

“Everything is related to everything in international politics, and for this reason Hungary does not agree with the assertion that the minority issue should not be linked to the veto power in international organizations,” he continued.

Szijjártó noted that each country that operates in close cooperation with NATO, organizes and implements an annual program. “Within the framework of such agreements, Ukraine has committed itself to respect the rights of minorities. If Ukraine is serious about closer ties with NATO and the European Union, it must meet their expectations”, – he said.

Separately, the foreign Minister of Hungary announced demands on Ukraine.

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