The President of Dynamo insists that you can not change the rules of the game during the championship.

President of Kiev Dynamo Igor Surkis commented on the initiative of the Ukrainian football officials about changing the rules of the season 2019/2020.

The UAF and the Premier League want to abolish the playoffs for a place in the Europa League and send teams to leave earlier than was originally agreed. In addition, we plan to change the calendar of the remaining matches.

“First of all, it is not done like this, as we were invited by the football Association and Premier League. I believe that a professional would approach when the coach would gather his fellow head coaches of the clubs and discuss with them this question.

My position on this issue is clear: you cannot change the rules during the championship! What is now initiated by the UAF and the Premier League, they are swindlers. Nothing else to explain such approaches and methods cannot.

But if Shakhtar will reach the Europa League final, then what to do? From the speeches of the miner now depends on what factor Ukraine will enter the European Cup season in the summer – and how to deal with it? How to change your schedule?

Football club Dynamo have always respected and valued the interests of the national team of Ukraine. We are ready to meet the coaching staff willing to let the national team players early, if the last tours for us, nothing will be solved.

But we categorically against such approaches and methods. Regulations have to be observed strictly!”, – said the President of Dynamo.

Earlier it was reported that the clubs of the Premier League may be forced to create women’s teams.

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