Study of the dynamics of the market the vaping industry

In 2016, the consulting firm Ernst & Young conducted a comprehensive study of the dynamics of the market of vaping devices in the world. Data analysis was conducted on the basis of seven States. Their part in the global sales of gadgets (except for the US and China) is 75%. The list includes: UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russian Federation, France and South Korea.

In the results of greatest interest to us are data on growth of consumption of electronic cigarettes in conjunction with the change in the number of tobacco smokers. Do belabacsi devices to displace the harmful consumption of tobacco products?

Vapers in the world is becoming more

The data collected show positive growth in the number of consumers of electronic cigarettes in those countries. In 2013 , worldwide soared 2.8 million people, and within two years was 5.1 million, the Increase amounted to 86%. The greatest number of vapers in England and France. 4 and 3.5% of the adult population in these countries respectively use electronic cigarettes.

A steady increase in the popularity and number of fans of vaping, Ernst & Young said the decline of the dynamics of growth of sales of electronic cigarettes in the world. If in 2013 it amounted to 78%, in 2017 – 30%, and according to forecasts, by 2019 it will reach 16%.

Many of the vapers among smokers

The growing popularity of vaping leads to an increase in the proportion of fans of electronic cigarettes in the total number of people who smoke. In some countries the percentage is quite high:
• England – 21%;
• France – 12,5%;
• Poland – 4,6%.

However, while talking about the replacement or fixed trends in the ratio of the number of vapers to the total number of smokers before. For example, Russia takes a leading position in share of people who smoke (39% of total) and second place in percentage of vapers – 1% (or 2.6% of the population).

Dynamics of quitting tobacco

Data Ernst & Young suggests that the proliferation of electronic cigarettes has a positive effect on the rejection of traditional tobacco products. The proportion of ex-smokers is continuously increasing. In 2013, 31% of respondents moved completely to steam, and in 2015 their share was 37%. 38% of respondents in the global indicators noted that not combine vaping with Smoking conventional cigarettes. In the breakdown by countries the dynamics of course are different. So in Russia the proportion who quit Smoking tobacco in favor of a pair is 22% and in South Korea in this case – 60%.


Smoke and soar at the same time, %

Former smokers, %

Never smoked, %

South Korea
































Why begin to soar

One of the main motives for the initiation of vaping people call the desire to quit Smoking. This is the second in a popularity rating (49%). The issue of transition from tobacco to vaping leads the ground of the absence of harm to the body from electronic cigarettes.

Among other reasons:
• lack of odor and the associated discomfort (46%);
• ability to soar there, where it is forbidden to smoke (42%);
• a large number of flavors and the ability to regulate the nicotine content (41%);
• pleasant taste and sensations (40%);
• cheaper tobacco products (33%);
• like the process of steaming (20%).

In Russia, the leading motives of reducing harm to the body (59%), a large choice of flavors and strength (54%) and lack of smell/discomfort (50%).

So the Ukrainian market of electronic cigarettes have to grow. Figures obtained from Ernst & Young showed that the dynamics of the transition to steam is higher in countries with high prices for tobacco.



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