Strengthening the monetary policy of the Federal reserve can be a major challenge for Ukraine to 2018

It is expected that the fed rate will rise to a value of 2.2%

Photo: pixabay.com

One of the main challenges and risks for Ukraine, 2018 linked to the Federal reserve system of the USA. So, the participants of the financial markets in December 2018 expected strengthening of the monetary policy of the FR, this was stated by Anatoliy Amelin, Director of economic programs of “Ukrainian Institute for the future”.

“Intelligence and International investment banks expect that the rate of the Federal reserve Bank will be raised several times, from 2.2% to 2.5%. Basically, this corridor is built analyst and forecast commodity markets, currency markets, etc.

What would happen if the rate will rise more? America is now building a very interesting pragmatic policy, drawing or returning investment back into the us economy. They aim to strengthen their economies within America. And the increase in the discount rate directly affects the value of the dollar,” says Amelin.

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