Sports Russia pleased and disappointed their fans

Sports Russia pleased and disappointed their fans

Oh, Russia, Oh, Russia…

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The past week in the sports world were focused on Russia. First, in Moscow took place the draw of the world Cup in 2018, and then the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee disqualified the national team of Russia and forbade her to participate in the Olympics 2018 with its anthem and their flag.


The draw for the world football championship gathered in the Russian capital, the entire football elite: this great Pele, who came to Moscow after hip surgery and a wheelchair-bound, and no less than the great Diego Maradona with earrings in the ears, in the black shirt and yellow tie, and numerous world and European Champions in different years. As well as several hundred journalists, coaches, football experts and beautiful women.

Group A

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay

After the draw, many fans of football in Russia and even the experts felt that the home team just got lucky – out rivals any of the Grand. Yes, star teams in that group no, but all the teams are really strong middle and can (and are willing) to present any surprise. Moreover, that there is someone in the team plays Egypt’s Mohamed Salah, who, speaking for Liverpool, this day is the best scorer of the English Premier League. But in the national team of Uruguay lights pair supernada – Edinson Cavani from the “Paris-Saint-Germain” and Luis suárez of the Spanish “Barcelona”.

So it is difficult to say to what extent this group can be called “group of death”, so as to assume which team will advance to the 1/8, is almost impossible.

Group B

Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

But in this group, it seems, everything is clear – the Portuguese and the Spaniards are clearly better than two other teams. And of course, it will be very interesting to see how Cristiano Ronaldo will play against their partners in real Madrid.


France, Australia, Peru, Denmark

It seems to be simple: France is an absolute favorite, and second place will be a battle, where a little less likely in Australia.

Group D

Argentina, Nigeria, Croatia, Iceland

That’s really a real “group of death”. For the fifth time in the last 7 world Championships the fortune brought to the group teams of Argentina and Nigeria. But if earlier, the Hispanics were in this pair, and in groups the clear favorites, but now the “white-blue” – an obvious “dark horse”. Yes, the team has the great Lionel Messi, but yet the team itself. And then there’s the thirst for blood and the high places of the Croats and Icelanders.

Group E

Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

The situation is the same as in group “C”: there is a clear favorite, and there are three teams, each of which can appear as second in the group and to occupy the last place.

Group F

Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

It is clear that the Germans will come out on top, even if put on the field a spare part. But for second place there will be a cabin. Probably the greatest chance Mexicans have, but it is unlikely the Swedes will do their rivals a gift.

Group G

Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England

In this group, the battle will not be for second and for first place between teams from Europe. And fans of exotic and extreme, you will go to Saransk (!) the match between Panama and Tunisia.

Group H

Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

Another seemingly simple and at the same time, a mysterious group. It is clear that the poles were the favourites, but what or who then is a question that no one has an answer.

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