Scientists have developed a device that allows humans or robots to conquer the wall.

Researchers Xin Li and Shi Kage has developed a new vacuum device that is able to cling even to rough and uneven surfaces. Until recently, to climb walls using suction cups was only possible in one case — if they are made of glass, polished marble or some other smooth material. Standard vacuum devices require a level surface so the seals could hold a vacuum, writes “Popular mechanics”.

Difficult the developers had to deal with a vacuum leak where the device will never hold on the rough steep wall. It is necessary to ensure tight contact of the suction cups on any surface.

Developed method of solving the problem, the researchers called the “method of ZPD”. Suction unit ZPD, due to the centripetal force, forms a water layer in the place fit the device to the wall. It is possible to make the contact area sealed. In fact, the device turned out not so much pneumatic, hydraulic how much.

Experiments have shown that 0.8 kg ZPD device creates a suction force over 245 Newton on rough surfaces, while consuming less than 400 watts of electricity. For a traditional vacuum unit of the same size will need a vacuum pump, which consumes several kilowatts. The weight of the device will amount to dozens of kilograms.

New vacuum system can be equipped robots, designed for repair work, rescue operations and just wash the walls and Windows.

The next step of development will be the reduction of water consumption to get rid of the need to constantly supply water to the device.