“Someone came up in my mouth invested”. Violin said that not talking about creating a “ghetto” for those unable to learn Ukrainian

Violin: Ukrainian “ghetto” has long been established in Ukraine

Photo: Oleg Skrypka / Instagram

Ukrainian musician, frontman of the band “Vopl Deplasa” Oleg Skrypka said that not talking about creating a “ghetto” for people who can’t learn the Ukrainian language, reports the Russian news Agency NSN on the website which posted the audio feedback of the musician.

“It is not my statement. Someone came up in my mouth put, of course. Condemned what I said. And someone is already condemned, so how would all discuss it. But as public (can be disproved. – “GORDON”), if a man speaks and his words do not pass, and there’s some kind of fake? Here’s my position: there is a pressing situation in Ukraine with the Ukrainian language: Ukrainian “ghetto” has long been established in Ukraine”, – said the Violin.

He noted that Ukrainian-speaking people in Ukraine do not have access to Ukrainian books and music, as it is not in the air.

“On the radio only vyborola 25%, this quota is not fulfilled. On television, there are no Ukrainian music, Ukrainian books and Ukrainian “ghetto” created Avakov. Everything is flipped upside the head, and problems are created, voiced the problems alleged Russian language, which here really just feels and swung his legs in Ukraine, so, here’s the situation”, – said the Violin.

In an interview for “school of journalism “the Ukrainian truth” the musician said that people who can’t learn Ukrainian, are morons and have low IQ. Violin has offered to create for them a ghetto. The musician added that he would like to live in a completely Ukrainian-speaking cultural environment.

Violin yesterday said that his statement, “from which the jugglers with words and “pathologists” content pulled and dissected the word “ghetto” quite unique”.

The speaker of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova, in response to proposed issue of the word Violin in stretch marks and hang from Boryspil airport to downtown, so as to meet the participants of “Eurovision 2017”.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov called a musician with an idiot and his words “fake pearl”.

According to the poll conducted in December 2016, 68,8% of Ukrainians consider their native language Ukrainian, 27% – Russian.

Research center Euromonitor International said that in most post-Soviet countries the number of Russian decreases. It was noted that in 1994 to 33.9% of the population of Ukraine said that in everyday life using Russian, in 2016 there were 24.4 per cent.

Article 10 of the Constitution stipulates that the state language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. It notes that Ukraine “is guaranteed the free development, use and protection of Russian, other languages of national minorities of Ukraine”.

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