Sold: I Hope that my return will not put on a show

Photo: Miroslav Prodan / Facebook

21 Nov former acting head of the State fiscal service of Ukraine Miroslav Prodan said that next week will return to Kiev from Germany, where he received treatment.

“The doctors believe my condition will allow you to leave the health facility. The lawyers provided to the representatives of Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office information about this. I hope that my return will not put on a show. The same day I ready to come in SAP. I returned to prove my innocence,” he said.

Sold claims that “this story with the summons,” was built to scare him.

“Many had hoped that I would stay abroad. Indeed, in this case, and to prove nothing. Never came back out, confirmed that indeed guilty. Customers expected that the Sold afraid. Think after this amount of dirt and accusations he will never wash. Will be frightened and will not return. I such a gift to the people who have ordered, will not do. I’m going back,” he said.

Sold headed GFS March 2017, 5 September 2018, he resigned at his own request.

On November 13, the journalist Eugene Plinsky stated that the former head of the GFS fled from Ukraine to Moldova. In the state border service said that Sold went to Moldova on legal grounds. The official said that he went to Germany for treatment.

16 November, SAP announced in absentia Prodan on suspicion of illicit enrichment. His lawyer said the former official suspicions are not received.

19 Nov SAP called Sold on questioning, he reported that while not able to arrive at the office and added that gave law enforcement officers a certificate from a medical institution.